Tinnitus, Anyone?

I’m researching tinnitus specialists in New York City. I started to notice a ringing in my ears over the past few months. It’s a little maddening, but I’ve been using my MBSR meditation training to make it not be the center of my attention, which helps. Any tips about treatment or doctors would be much appreciated!

Buddy has been spending more and more time hanging out with me. This makes me a little nervous, because in the months before he died, my cat Beamers increasingly spent more time laying on the desk while I worked, and this is exactly what Buddy is doing.

My Cat Buddy Hanging Out On My Desk

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5 thoughts on “Tinnitus, Anyone?

  1. I have tinnitus for a bazillion years, ever since a rifle was fired too close to my ear.

    You get used to it and it just becomes background until someone mentions it or you thinking about it and then “OH MY GOD I HAVE RINGING IN MY EARS AND IT IS GOING TO DRIVE ME MAD.”

    It doesn’t, trust me.

  2. You might not have Tinnitus. I had a similar ringing in my ears, and finally discovered the Eustachian tubes had fluid in them. I suffer from allergy problems, so that is the reason for extra fluid.

    I found a Youtube video of a woman showing how to unclog the tubes by using warm salty water and getting it into the tubes, which rinses out the fluid. I don’t have a link right now, but will look for it. I do that every morning, and sometimes at night, which has relieved all the ringing and noises I had in my ears. Also, hardened earwax can cause ringing in the ears. There’s OTC solutions to help soften earwax.

    I’d recommend seeing a doctor just to get a diagnosis, but if it’s either of the things I mentioned, you can help prevent it recurring by home remedies.

    I’ve always known that cats DO tend to be more affectionate when they are feeling poorly. One of my strays is lodged permanently in the garage now (with heat lamp) since he’s shown signs of maybe a bad cold. When I visit him (several times a day) he just purrs and purrs and will eat while I’m with him. He has always had a bad attitude when he’s well, but now…he’s a big baby!

    Just give Buddy LOTS of loving; sometimes that’s the best remedy for an ailing cat.

  3. Karen, yeah, most of the time I’m basically not listening.

    But yeah to Cara to, to everything you said. I’m going to get checked by a doctor.

    Both cats are curled up on my desk at the moment. Everyone wants lovin’.

  4. Sorry to be a bit late commenting on this but perhaps the onset of the ringing coincides with when you began swimming regularly? Perhaps swimmer’s ear?

  5. Ohmygod, I had no idea there was such a thing. I just googled it and maybe that is the problem? I’ve got an appointment with my doctor and I’m going to bring that up.

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