Paring Down my TV Shows

There is just too much good tv to watch. They keep saying the internet is killing publishing, but maybe it’s more that tv came of age, or a combination of the two.

But now there is too much for me to keep up with and I’ve started letting tv shows go. It’s weirdly painful. I do develop affection for these characters. I’m having a hard time letting go of White Collar for instance, because I adore all four of the main characters, Pete and Neal, Elizabeth and Mozzie.

So far I’ve deleted The Walking Dead (disappointing use of my beloved zombies), The Firm, and A Gifted Man.

I am thrilled, by the way, that American Idol is finally letting us see more of group night. I have always loved the snippets they used to show and was dying, dying, DYING to see more group routines, and the whole routines, and finally they are giving us that.

These pictures taken at the Salmagundi Club, where the book party for New York Diaries was held. How the 1% lives.

Almost There!!

I’ve made a ton of changes to the book, I wrote the last chapter, and this is what I have to do by Tuesday:

– Write a section describing singing at the wedding of two choir members.
– Go back through the whole thing and tinker. Do the memoir sections have a nice arc? Is there anything I do to make the people I write about more vivid?
– Make the last chapter as good as I can possibly make it. This is without question the hardest part about writing books, ending them.

I read the last chapter of my last memoir, Waiting For My Cats To Die, and I was very dismayed to see that I am still the exact same person! The wisdom I’ve gained in three years can be summed up in three words (which I’m not going to give here because then no one will buy my book!). That’s it! I happen to think they are very crucial three words so I’m glad to have figured them out, but still. I’m pretty sure I can count on myself to continue to make the same mistakes I’ve been making all along. Oh. I’m putting that in the book.

I’ve been so busy I haven’t been taking pictures! I snapped this yesterday in the meat market when I was out running errands. It’s been rainy and dreary.

Happy Pet a Cat Day

I am postponing Valentine’s Day, which I’m also temporarily renaming Pamper Yourself Day since I don’t currently have a boyfriend. I’m going to celebrate it on February 22nd because for the next week I’ll be writing furiously in order to hand in my book on February 21st.

Hence, National Pamper Yourself Day on the 22nd. Yes, I decided mid-post to make this a national holiday. Next Wednesday everyone in the nation must take the day off if possible, and if not, pause at some point on the 22nd and do something nice for yourself.

I’m going to: buy myself flowers, get a pedicure, watch all the tv shows I’ve saved up, take a bath with a Lush bath bomb and read magazines, eat particularly delicious food including one of those Ciao Bella key lime ice cream sandwich things, and maybe I’ll squeeze in a movie.

But today I will shower my love on the cats. I’m showering love on Finney too, but he bit me when I tried to take a picture of it. Don’t forget now! It’s Pet a Cat Day. If you don’t have a cat go out and find one and pet it.

Live Internet Radio Show Tonight

I’m going to be on a radio show tonight at 7pm called The PSI Show. If you click on that link, and then chose Radio Show & Chat Room, there’s a button over on the right to click and listen. Please listen if you can! I’ll be on before The Bachelor is on.

Live, from my livingroom … SLEEPING CATS!

Eric Whitacre Wins a Grammy!

Composer Eric Whitacre just won a Grammy for Best Choral Performance for his album Light & Gold. I recently interviewed him for my book and I submitted a video for his latest Virtual Choir so I’m feeling more invested. He’s got all these people from the Virtual Choir watching from the Facebook page and in a Google hangout. It was fun! Congratulations, Eric!!

Here are a couple of screen grabs from the live web stream I’ve been watching.

Eric Whitacre Wins Grammy

Eric Whitacre Wins Grammy