Happy Pet a Cat Day

I am postponing Valentine’s Day, which I’m also temporarily renaming Pamper Yourself Day since I don’t currently have a boyfriend. I’m going to celebrate it on February 22nd because for the next week I’ll be writing furiously in order to hand in my book on February 21st.

Hence, National Pamper Yourself Day on the 22nd. Yes, I decided mid-post to make this a national holiday. Next Wednesday everyone in the nation must take the day off if possible, and if not, pause at some point on the 22nd and do something nice for yourself.

I’m going to: buy myself flowers, get a pedicure, watch all the tv shows I’ve saved up, take a bath with a Lush bath bomb and read magazines, eat particularly delicious food including one of those Ciao Bella key lime ice cream sandwich things, and maybe I’ll squeeze in a movie.

But today I will shower my love on the cats. I’m showering love on Finney too, but he bit me when I tried to take a picture of it. Don’t forget now! It’s Pet a Cat Day. If you don’t have a cat go out and find one and pet it.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Pet a Cat Day

  1. Good for you – May I suggest Hugo for your movie if you have not seen it. Go see it in 3D before it is out of the theatre. Loved it!!!!
    Happy Pampering!

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