My Suggestion for Sony

I keep meaning to post this, and I’m *sure* this has already been suggested, but Sony should find a network and air The Interview for free on television as soon as possible. It’s the one way they can win. More people will see it than would have ever seen it at the movies and North Korea will get exactly the opposite of what they wanted.

This vendor’s idea of what impulse buys women are likely to make when they are in the ladies room at the movies: Tylenol, lip gloss, sour drops, a chewable toothbrush (something I’ve never heard of) or temporary tattoos.


Caroling, 2014

And here I am, way in the back. Again. I’m kidding. I chose that spot because it was out of the rain and I was near some basses, which you’ll hear in the video. In spite of the rain we did manage to build up a crowd eventually.

In Fields Where They Lay

I’ve gotten enough work done that I can kick back over the holidays a bit. I’m going to see this play, In Fields Where They Lay, on Christmas Eve. It’s about the WWI Christmas Eve truce and I’m going to see it exactly 100 years to the night after it happened. A daughter of one of the soldiers is going to be there. Oh, I just read there will be carols and a reception afterwards. Nice. If you’re in NYC you might want to consider going to this.

More holiday shots around town. This is 5th Avenue again, taken from the steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, looking over at Rockefeller Center. That stream of people are (is?) heading towards the famous Christmas tree and skating rink.


Something I will not be doing this year! Shopping! My family is doing a grab bag so I have only one gift to buy, thank God. Okay, two. I have to get something for my father and step-mother who will be in Vermont this year, but I will be buying that online.


A Christmas tree stand. I took this for the depressing look of it, but I love walking past these stands and getting a nice whiff of pine. So thank you sad little Christmas tree stand.


Christmas Windows

I wasn’t enjoying taking pictures of the Christmas windows along 5th Avenue like I usually do. So I got into alternately taking pictures of less splendid window dressing. Doesn’t this first mannequin look like she’s saying, “You want a piece of me?? You want a piece of me??”

Christmas Windows, NYC 2014

Christmas Displays, NYC 2014

Christmas Windows, NYC 2014

Christmas Windows, NYC 2014

Thank you Sara McKay and the Saint Peter Choral Society!

First I get the loveliest email from Sara McKay, the director of the Saint Peter Choral Society, and then this! Anyone who knows me knows that a book of photographs about animal rehabilitation is pretty much the perfect Stacy present. When I opened it up and saw all the signatures inside I burst into tears. I can’t tell you how moved I was. This is just further proof that choir people are the nicest people on earth. And proof that singing builds community and spreads goodwill.

I can’t wait to read this and look at the photographs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sara and all the members of the Saint Peter Choral Society, and thank you to Dr. Hayden Duncan, the choir member who retyped all the text in the book (because it’s small and hard to read)! You will never know how happy your precious gift has made me.

Finding Trust by Annie Marie Musselman

Saint Peter Choral Society Signatures