Halloween Decorations

I planned to walk around and take pictures of Halloween decorations today, but it’s gloomy and wet outside. Except, the gloomy part is appropriate I guess. Plus, there’s a Halloween party for children over at the Bleecker Street Playground, although I’m never sure if it’s okay to take pictures of the kids in their costumes. Not all parents like that and I certainly don’t want to go against their wishes.

We’ll see if I make it out there. I have to also get some writing done and it’s noon already, damnit! Just an hour, that’s all I need to get in before I’m free to goof off. One measly hour.

Halloween Decorations, West Village, New York City

Rise Up October

I passed by a protest march as I was leaving the library today. The sign they carried had the web address www.RiseUpOctober.org. They were headed to Bryant Park apparently, the park behind the library.

Black Lives Matter March October 24, 2015 New York City

Black Lives Matter March October 24, 2015 New York City

Holy Mother of God, Republicans

You had plenty of time to prepare, and 11 hours to make your case as to why we should be mad at Hillary, and you had absolutely nothing. It was also clear that this wasn’t about mistakes she and others made in Benghazi because little or none of your questions were aimed at learning anything about what actually happened, or what we’ve learned since then, or anything about who did this and their plans or motives, and what we can do in the future. It is my understanding that the review board made 29 recommendations regarding mistakes that were made, or how areas in the State Department that were poorly run, and Hillary accepted and implemented every one of them.

Your hearing, in contrast, was an ugly, transparent partisan fishing expedition that failed to achieve your goal, which had nothing to do with Benghazi and all to do with bringing down Hillary. As you now know you achieved exactly the opposite, and helped raise Hillary in anyone’s eyes that aren’t as blinded as your own.

I kept thinking this the entire time watching the hearings, as did many other people:

“Putting aside the political impact, however, this was truly an embarrassing day — not just for the GOP and Congress, but for the country as a whole. Consider, for example, that guns kill more than 30,000 Americans every year. Hundreds of communities have been shattered by mass shootings that happen practically on a daily basis in America. And yet the House of Representatives, which has held 21 hearings on Benghazi, hasn’t held a single hearing on gun violence since it took control of the body in 2010. A clearer example of Congress’s misplaced priorities is difficult to imagine.” Michael A. Cohen, Boston Globe.

Redemption is available to everyone. You want to turn this around? Immediately put together a truly bi-partisan committee to look at gun violence. Immediately repeal all the legislation you’ve put in place that prevents government agencies from researching and studying gun violence and instead, give them money to research and study gun violence.

You do this and people will respect you again. Yes, not the radical right wing conservatives, but they are not going to win you elections.

I don’t know if you’ll believe me (and who am I kidding, you’re not reading this anyway) but no one watching yesterday’s hearing believed any of you cared deeply about the lives that were lost. If you did, that was completely lost in your actions. But do what I suggest, which would be an extremely courageous move, facing down the extremists in your party, that would make people stand and cheer.

A view of World Trade Center 1 from 7th Avenue in the West Village. There was a lovely lavender tinge to the light, and I’m not sure if this shot captured it.



Watching the Benghazi hearings. I’m a little behind, I’ve had to pause. Ah, they just adjourned, so I’m caught up now. I honestly don’t know what they hoped to gain by this whole Sidney Blumenthal line of questioning. Bottom line, it is clear that this is not about Benghazi, it’s about going after Hillary. I would say this if a republican was sitting there being questioned like this. It’s so discouraging. Not only do people not care that this is obvious, they’re proud of their behavior.

I want more of this.

The cats, not so transfixed. I had to run Finney to the vet this morning, who seems to have a uti. He’s much better now, and resting comfortably.


I Want Candy

I’m finding that I’m looking forward to Halloween this year to a ridiculous degree. And included in that is a strong desire for nostalgia candy. What I want more than anything I cannot have, and that is one of those orange Wowee Wax Whistles. I think I’d burst into tears if I could get a hold of one. They were genuinely delicious, and I loved the packaging. Now I want a poster of their art, the one with the witch. Except I just googled it and I also love the owl one and the cat one.

I wonder if this pull towards childhood pleasures means I’m feeling some deep regret about my current life? Mulling it over … the only thing that rings true to me is that it might be connected to a fear of death, and the desire to have my whole life ahead of me. Ha. Happy Halloween!

But I’m going to head over to Economy Candy and take what I can get, which will include wax lips and fangs, and Bonomos Turkish Taffy, which I probably won’t be able to chew my these ridiculous teeth I have. My ridiculous OLD teeth.

Halloween, West Village, New York City