Yeah, David Bowie

I was relatively late to appreciate David Bowie. It was 1975, and I was in college. I already loved the hits, which were essentially the most mainstream songs from among what he’d written so far. But I wasn’t aware of the more interesting stuff not played on the radio so much. Then I was. Then The Man Who Fell to Earth Came out. Then obsession.

Also, I just remembered! I was VERY skinny in my youth, and no one believes me, they think skinny people have it made, but when you are not thin but actually kinda freakishly skinny, growing up that way is not a picnic. People can be very mean. Maybe it was a backlash against the meanness towards being heavier in our culture. Anyway I loved that this fabulous person was also very skinny! It was even a part of what made him so interesting.

I’m thinking of walking down to Bowie’s apartment, but I don’t know if I can get there today.

Discarded Christmas trees in the West Village.


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2 thoughts on “Yeah, David Bowie

  1. I saw David Bowie at the Montreal Forum 40 years ago on February 25th, 1976. Instead of an opening act, Luis Buñuel’s “Un chien andalou” was shown, sliced eyeball and all. I wasn’t a HUGE fan (I liked his music well enough) but his music was always around – certain songs remind me SO much of the parties I went to back then.

    If you DO go by his apartment building, I would love to see a photo of it. But I would certainly understand if you’d feel uncomfortable taking a picture, and posting it, especially now. I’d be interested in knowing if people are leaving photos & stuff outside. I’d be happy just hearing what it looks like, photos or not.

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