My Camera Saga Continues

I tried out my new camera, and I just now took it to the post office and sent it on its way back to Canon. It’s not a bad little camera, but I’ve used the G9 for years, which really took such great pictures. The ones this one took ultimately made me sad. Except for the ones taken in low light. My G9 was always bad at that.

I’m going to have to spend more money. I will wait for the credit for this one to appear and then I’m going to be the G7X Mark II. Here’s a picture of the Times Square subway station (1 train) taken with the SX710. This would not have come out as well with my G9.

Times Square Subway

Fashion week: Outfit Seen on 5th Avenue

I still have a camera borrowed from a friend. God I miss having a camera with me everywhere I go. I know that technically I always did, with my phone, but I do not like the camera phone and take no joy from using it.

It’s fashion week, and this woman was standing outside a fashion week related event.

Buyer’s Angst

I never hit the enter key on the camera I wanted to buy. It was just too expensive. I am buying this camera instead, and a refurbished model. I’m also buying the red version, because it makes me happy. I’ve missed the chance to document their kitten stage properly, alas. But hopefully I will have many years of cute cat pictures ahead of me.

9/11 Memorial & Museum Benefit 2017

I have to run to work but I wanted to quickly post a couple of photographs from last night’s 9/11 Memorial & Museum Benefit. I was lucky to attend and I was on the stage with John Oliver for about two seconds (I was in a short film about the recovery effort that was shown at the beginning of the benefit, and we stood on the stage as he came on).

I adore him! And Cyndi Lauper!