Amahl and the Night Visitors

Every year my friends and I go to see Grace Church’s yearly presentation of Amahl and the Night Visitors. Oh no, I can’t find my program! The girl who sang the Amahl part this year was so good, too. I wanted to name her. I have the names of the others to thank however: Tami Petty, Aram Tchobanian, AJ Stetson, Alvin Crawford, Bob Lukomski, the Grace Church Adult Choir, and Dr. Patrick Allen. You all did such a great job, as usual, we had so much fun. Just remembered, I also loved the soprano soloist from the Grace Church Adult Choir.

That’s the girl who played Amahl in the back! You were great young lady! UPDATE: Found my program! Her name is Sarah Weber.

I Feel Sorry for Rats

I feel so bad when I see rats in the subway. There’s no one to feed them and give them fresh water, and a warm comfy place to sleep. But they probably feel bad for any animals in captivity.