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4 thoughts on “I Feel Sorry for Rats

  1. I don’t feel too badly for that rat–that looks like a pretty nice chunk of apple! Also, ever since I read that they can actually flatten/compress their skull bones and fit through a hole the size of a quarter–ugh–I think I’ve figured they can probably look after themselves pretty well.

  2. I just had to kill a rat my cat had crippled. I felt bad for the poor thing. They are nowhere near as sinister looking as depicted in cartoons and advertisements for rat poison etc. Several currently live in the ceiling above my bedroom, and I recently use a microscope to conclusively identify the cause of the bites I have been suffering: tropical rat mites. This was a shock to me because I never see any evidence of rat infiltration into my home beyond hearing them in the ceiling. One might imagine my home to be a disgusting horrible, but it’s actually quite clean, tidy, and tasteful. It’s not the rats’ fault, but it is illegal to release captured rats and they must be removed from the home.

  3. i feel so sorry for them, after all they are alive they got to eat they have the right to be loved. its just such a shame they spread disease or i would have the little suckers in my house. i love them but, i love all animals i cry for them.

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