Virus and the City: Avoid Walking on the West Side in the 30s

I took a different route on my walk yesterday. My plan was to take pictures of the empty Times Square. I went uptown on 7th Avenue, and back home on 8th. What I found was when you get to the 30s, both avenues have been kinda taken over by people dealing with mental illness and anger issues. I wasn’t entirely comfortable, I must admit. I walked in the street through those stretches, (and it was safe for me to do so).

Even though it was mostly empty, pictures taken during the day just don’t convey the post-apocalyptic feel of Times Square. So I took a picture of a side street, showing no one going to the shows. And …

The steps to the main Post Office building taken over by pigeons. I love pigeons so this I was happy to see (and not the unfortunate homeless person).

Virus and the City: Signs

Very perplexing. Yes chicken? They have another restaurant, I learned, with poulet in the name so maybe they are saying that place is open? Or, are they urging us to eat chicken for some reason? The signs below are for a movie theatre that is, of course, closed. The quote is a little off, but I’m guessing they abbreviated it to fit.

Virus and the City: Food Pick-Up

I’ve been going out every day for a long walk and to pick up food or whatever else I need. My friends have been on me about this. The walks are okay, but they said I should limit my trips to the stores. Their admonitions are working. I’m going to start ordering in. One of the things I’m going to do is order a candy pack from Economy Candy. They are struggling like everyone else and the call has gone out for people to order candy packs. What I love about this is you don’t know what you’re going to get. They’re like these mystery boxes I used to order from the back of comic books. The surprise factor was so much fun!

People picking up their dinners to go.

Virus and the City: Day Views

A guy in the West Village in full tyvek. This is what I wear when I’m working in the isolation ward at the ASPCA. But if he was in full PPE he’d also have booties covering his shoes, gloves, and the hood would be over his head. We don’t use the hooded version and we wear bonnets instead. Going even further he have on a face shield (but we don’t use those at the ASPCA except during surgery).

This was at the greenmarket at Union Square, a scene that drove Gov. Cuomo crazy. One, because it was open I guess, and two, because no one was following the six foot rule. The crowds were small but people were walking around as they usually would, and not staying apart.