Virus and the City: Masks

I haven’t worn one so far, but I will now. T***p, of course, immediately undermines the CDC recommendation he announces by saying he chooses not to wear one. It is so completely despairing that this is the person we have during this crisis.

I never thought I’d say this, because I’m more like Jon Oliver and I can’t wait to go back to being annoyed by him (and despairing of him, too), but thank god for Cuomo.

I’d bought these masks for something, but I couldn’t find them when I looked. They turned up yesterday during Day 1 of my yearly Spring Cleaning. On to day 2! My big question is, should I do a laundry, usually the last Spring Cleaning task, or should I stay home?

Notice how the masks say, “Misuse may adversely affect your health.” That’s because they are just meant for house dust, as it says, and if you think it’s going to protect you for anything else you’re in trouble. But we’re in “it’s better than nothing” times.

Virus and the City: Spring Cleaning

For people who read my blog, you know that twice a year I engage in a major cleaning: Spring Cleaning and Holiday Cleaning. I’m going to start Spring Cleaning early, no explanation needed, I don’t think. You know what one of the hardest parts of Spring Cleaning is? Picking the day to clean the windows. You want to do it before the longest no-rain stretch you can coordinate. However, I’m seeing nothing but rain every few days for the foreseeable future. And bright clean sparkling windows is key to a Spring Cleaning. What should I do??

Social distancing along the Hudson River.

Virus and the City: The Laundry

Does no one else need clean clothes?? Oh wait, everyone else has a laundry in their building except me, that’s it isn’t it? I took this over a week ago actually, but I’m glad I thought of it. Just a simple thing like not having to worry about having clean clothes and towels is a relief.