Virus and the City: Masks

I haven’t worn one so far, but I will now. T***p, of course, immediately undermines the CDC recommendation he announces by saying he chooses not to wear one. It is so completely despairing that this is the person we have during this crisis.

I never thought I’d say this, because I’m more like Jon Oliver and I can’t wait to go back to being annoyed by him (and despairing of him, too), but thank god for Cuomo.

I’d bought these masks for something, but I couldn’t find them when I looked. They turned up yesterday during Day 1 of my yearly Spring Cleaning. On to day 2! My big question is, should I do a laundry, usually the last Spring Cleaning task, or should I stay home?

Notice how the masks say, “Misuse may adversely affect your health.” That’s because they are just meant for house dust, as it says, and if you think it’s going to protect you for anything else you’re in trouble. But we’re in “it’s better than nothing” times.

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6 thoughts on “Virus and the City: Masks

  1. I know we must go on in spite of the current inhabitant of the white house, but it’s really hard when that person consistently speaks inconsistently. He’s in reality-TV mode at all times; conversational even. He does his spot and he expects adulation from the audience or you risk receiving his “nasty” label, especially if you are female. A New York Times piece today shows that Germany has better ways of fighting the cornonavirus.

    Gov. Cuomo is a glimmer of light in an ever increasingly dark picture of this terrible virus spreading across the country. He offers us hope, perseverance and calm. I faithfully watch him every morning deliver the facts and show his charts. I used my bandana face mask today at the grocery store. It wasn’t fun as it kept riding up my face. My glasses kept fogging up so I took them off. I’m going to get out my sewing machine and try making a simple mask. Patterns are everywhere online. Here in Texas it’s really a good idea to do all you can on your own. We aren’t invincible contrary to popular lore.

  2. Hi Rebecca. I’m glad you’re hanging in there, doing your best. What is it like outside where you are? Are there a lot of people out and about?

  3. Stacy, reality is setting in gradually here in spite of all the national coverage. But there are fewer cars on the streets and when I went out yesterday I noticed more people wearing masks. One masked gentleman was rushing through the aisles as if he were in a race! There are shortages of pasta and spagetti sauce. They had my favorite cookies; my addiction in life. My daughter, the nurse, says the atmosphere at the hospital among her group is very tense and depressing. All staff get a temperature check coming in to work and leaving. It is worrisome to think it may get worse here before it gets better. However, your gov says he is going to start running again and that made me smile. Stay safe and be alert. 🙂

  4. Rebecca, your daughter is one of the heroes!! I hope she continues to be okay. Is she nearby to you?
    I’m glad they had your cookies. We need this little things.

  5. Yes, she lives nearby and is doing well. I thanked the cashier at Target yesterday for just being there doing his job so we could buy food.

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