Isight After Version

October 14th, 2005 Posted in Uncategorized


I just realized I can use my Isight camera to take an “After” snapshot. I also just realized for the first time that the Isight camera reverses left and right. Weird. Why is that? It’s freaking me out, when I look at the before and after shots.

Anyway, that’s my new TV!! I smiled practically all the way through CSI last night, it was so gorgeous in high definition. (Hey, you can see me in the screen, taking the shot.) Actually, you can’t really tell the size of this thing in this photograph. I need another picture with me standing beside it, so you can see how it dwarfs me. You know how you can tell? Look at the chair. Imagine a person in that chair. That kinda gives you an idea of how big this TV is.

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  2. By crash on Oct 31, 2005

    only you could get so excited over a tv…..and here i have my piddling 13″ purse size model stuffed in the back of the hall closet. did you see “good luck, and good night” for edward r. murrow’s dire prediction for television?

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