I’m up to 166 Boxes

Bing, bing bing, ricochet rabbit! (We’ll see how many people remember that reference.)

I’ve speeded up the number of boxes I’m going through a day, and if I keep it up I will be able to come home the end of March. Home home home!! Too late for the blizzard it’s killing me to miss (damnit all). Once I start actually writing the book though, I’ll figure out what I didn’t copy and must have and I’ll have to come back. But then I’ll know then exactly what I need and where to find it.

Here’s the table where I work in my effiency. (Note the little plant. My pathetic attempt to cheer the place up.)


Here are the boxes of copying I’ll be taking home. “Box 2” is over flowing, as you see, and it’s time to start “Box 3.”


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3 thoughts on “I’m up to 166 Boxes

  1. S- have you considered scanning the documents you want copies of rather than making physical copies? Or set up a cheapo digital camera to take photos of them? Would lessen the amount of stuff you have to cart around (scanning would let you OCR the documents as well, not sure if you could OCR digital photos but you probably could).

  2. bing-bing-Bing ?

    Richochet Rabbit and Deputy Droop a Long were part of the Magilla Gorilla Show dating from 1964-shown in prime time. One of those visually blah H-B cartoons-especially in black and white.

    My second-grade teachers’ husband worked for Ideal Toy-who had some sort of merchandising tie-in with H-B, and our class got to see the tie-in items before the show was even on the air. What a rush !!!

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