Ruby’s Day in Durham

March 11th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

We’re going to Target later, but so far we went to lunch at the Washington Duke Inn and then for a walk. Ruby having her lunch.


Ruby walking down the hall towards the ballroom.


Is this dress ugly? I liked it. Ruby didn’t and Ruby wants to take a vote. Ugly or no?


“Take a close-up,” she said. “So people can really see just how ugly it is.”


Ruby likes this statue, however. Not ugly.


Ruby walking a nature walk.


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  2. By Helen Hulen-Herzog on Mar 13, 2006

    It appears the dress is from a costume period. This means that it was probably made by hand! The WORK that went into this dress is incredible! I find it magnificent! But then, I have been a costume designer for theatre, so I’m probably biased from the beginning! Helen

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