Busy Week

May 11th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Yesterday was traumatic. Both the cats were getting dental work and I couldn’t feed after midnight the night before because they were getting anesthesia. Not being able to feed your cats in the morning is horrible. It’s their greatest joy and you have to withold it from them. It’s just awful. They cry cry cry, and you can’t explain it to them.

And then picking them up from the vets! Both cats were shaking in their nooks. Poor little things. And you can’t tell them the point of it all, and that they’re going home and eating is going to be an even greater pleasure now, with all cleaned up teeth!

We’re all okay now. Finney has two cavities and has to get medicine though.

Tonight, my choir rehearses with the orchestra, this is the best. It’s like a performance but relaxed. And tomorrow is the performance! I’m in the front row this time. You can’t fidget if you’re in the front row, but it’s very exciting. Here are some of my choir friends, that’s Miriam, Barbara and Dimitra:


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