War News and Party

June 8th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

I woke up dreaming some bizarre dream about Osama bin Laden, and helping the military catch him and then I saw the news about al-Zarqawi. The TV was on while I slept so the news must have penetrated my dreams. I wondered what kind of difference it would really make and my friend Jonathan rightly pointed out that it’s going to be a boost to the military’s morale, and it’s certainly good for the people in Iraq. Then someone else disturbingly pointed out that clearly al-Zarqawi has enemies within Al Qaeda so we have only done their bidding.

Please forgive the juxtaposition, but meanwhile, I was an absolute failure at picture taking last night. This is the only one I like. From left to right: Jim’s hand, Marianne, Rachel, and Ellen. The people you’re not seeing because the pictures came out badly and they’d thank me for not posting them if they saw them: Liz, Max, Ruby, Ellen T., Lianne and Luce. Everyone is prettier than I managed to capture.


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  2. By jim on Jun 8, 2006

    My hand looks better in that picture than in real life!

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