candy4.jpg Smarties are my favorite candy. Please notice how it says “Kids’ Candy” on the bag. Hello? I don’t think so. MINES. Besides, why would they want to cut off part of their market like that??

Yesterday I went to the library, had lunch with friends, went to acupunture and then choir practice. A packed day of information, good company and food, relaxation and music. My mood is much improved.

Plus, all the ridiculous stereotypes aside, Studio 60 got better this week, didn’t it?

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7 thoughts on “What??

  1. If you were here in Canada, those wouldn’t be SMARTIES! Here, Smarties are brightly-coloured, candy-coated CHOCOLATES, same idea as M&Ms, but different. If you wanted to eat YOUR favourite candy in Canada, you would look for “Rockets”. If you never travel up here, you won’t need this useless information. I LOVED “Waiting for My Cats to Die” (cried most of the way through it)and I’ve been reading your blog for several months and I can’t believe that CANDY is what has finally prompted me to comment. BTW, what do NECCO wafers taste like? I saw them for the first time in my life yesterday at Walmart (I’m in Canada, don’t forget!) and thought that maybe you might know…!

  2. I was tricked by the evil Canadian Smarties once!! It broke my heart. Thanks for the compliment about my book. If Necco wafers are what I think they are, they are really weird. They taste like toothpaste. It’s like candy your grandmother would give you instead of something good. Stay away.

  3. But….have you ever had chocolate Necco Wafers? Smarties are great (Sweet Tarts rank higher for me though), but Necco Wafers really aren’t too bad once you get going on them. There’s quite a variety of flavors in each pack and you just might be surprised. They’ve been around for about 100 yrs or so probably so someone must like them!

  4. Actually I think Studio 60 was pretty stinkie. Defamer got it right and I agreed with most of the comments there, too.
    One thing that really got me was that Tom’s parents never heard of Abbott and Costello. They lived in Ohio, not on the moon!
    I’ll still keep watching, but it’s losing me.

  5. Haven’t watched this week’s episode of Studio 60 yet. I’m in agreement the series thus far has been a terrible disappointment (but I guess part of that is because I loved sports night so much and had respect for the sorkin years of west wing). Slate.com has a good analysis of why Studio 60 isn’t working.


  6. I agree with all the negative things that are being said about Studio 60, particularly the last episode, like the Ohio parents who never heard of the “Who’s On First” routine. But still, the episode got to me. What can I say? But I’m going to go look at what they said on Defamer. Defamer can be fun.

    Betsy, I will try the chocolate Neccos.

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