Pretty Colors

boots.jpg This picture is for my friend Anne (note to Anne: I was going to say pal). She’s looking for rain boots and I told her that I saw a sign for “All Weather” boots for $35 at Marc Jacobs. It’s something of a miracle that you can get anything for $35 at a Marc Jacobs store, but here they are. Pretty colors. And the foot shape looks less clunky than other rain boots I’ve seen.

Fashion is so much work. I cope by ignoring it and wearing mostly jeans and tshirts, but I was walking around yesterday, checking out a few stores on Fifth Avenue, and good God there’s a lot of cute clothes out there, people. I want them.

Shameless Concert Promo

xmas2006.jpg It’s Holiday Concert time for the Choral Society of Grace Church!

Friday, December 1 at 8pm
Saturday, December 2 at 3pm
Grace Church, Broadway at 10th Street.

Festive music by Bach, Mendelssohn and others (including traditional carols) in the spectacular surroundings of one of New York’s finest architectural landmarks!

From our New York Sun review: “I assumed that this would be a pleasing concert, although an amateur one. I was wrong. It was magnificent.”

Tickets: $20 at the door, or $15 in advance (from me).

Thank you.

Christmas Traditions

red.jpg I have decidedly mixed feelings about the holidays, but there are some things I like, and certain traditions persist.

1. My winter cleaning. (Done.)
2. Buying flowers in Christmas colors. (Red or white)
3. Playing holiday music. (The best part–that Snoopy and the Red Baron Christmas song! Amahl and the Night Visitors!)
4. The Grace Church Choral Society holiday concert.
5. Christmas decorations. (Sparkly things and colored lights!)

I’ve always fantasized about spending Christmas in New Orleans but once again, I will not be doing that this year.

Does anyone else have fantasies about what you’d do for Christmas if you could do anything you wanted?

Bleeker Street

bleek2.jpg This is one of the Ralph Lauren stores at Bleeker and Perry, where I am very very very lucky to live. I still can’t get over how Bleeker Street has changed. I have to say, even though I can’t afford to shop in any of these stores I love having them here. They are very pretty and I enjoy looking at the things in the windows. Don’t you love the holiday look here?

Cynthia Rowley, across the street, is into this amazing shade of blue right now, and it’s running through everything in the window and the store. Alas, although the Marc Jacobs stores make a big effort with their windows, they are usually not a success.

Thank you,

A Good Day

fat2.jpg 20 pound Finney is the fattest cat in New York who doesn’t have diabetes. I thought I detected the beginning of the signs (my last two cats were diabetic) but no. Thank God. That gets expensive. So now he has to go on a diet. The vet said to get him down to between 274 and 240 calories a day. He’s at 300 now. Right. No problem. 26 – 60 calories less. Who can fine tune their cat’s diet like that??

This picture is my start at the ghost photography business. I had the night flash option on and he moved. So, that’s the trick.

Other good news yesterday:
the world was hit with an asteroid 4,800 years ago,
causing a mega-tsunamis, and we weren’t there.

This time.