Levitator2.jpg Remember a while back when I had the picture of the guy levitating and it looked so real? Well, in a 1939 Journal for the Society for Psychical Research, they had an article showing how pictures like this are done/faked. The person here has actually jumped, not levitated. You take the picture when they’re on the downside of the jump, and if they put their toes up and arms down it looks like they are levitating. It doesn’t look like a jump.

Doesn’t it look like this guy is just hovering there?

Today, as a reward for all my housecleaning this weekend, I am having a spa day. It’s just a day I occasionally designate as a pampering day. Among other things, I’m going to a salon to get highlights, and later I will lay around and read things like People Magazine. While eating Cheetos.

Okay, not Cheetos.

The Cleanest Apartment in Manhattan


What I did this weekend.

– Took everything off the shelves and dusted them if they were books, or washed them if they are washable.
– Organized all my choir music scores.
– Took everything out of the cabinets, washed down, and threw out expired canned food (it’s a post 9/11 thing, even having canned food in the house). Washed down front of cabinets.
– Cleaned out refrigerator.
– Washed down every inch of the bathroom, walls, shower curtain, etc., went through all the products and threw out what I’m not using.
– Cleared off desk, butcher-wax polished, and then went through all the items on desk, cleaned, washed, polished, and then organized desk.
– Washed windows and screens.
– Took everything out of all drawers, washed down, organized and put back.
– Moved all furniture than can be moved and cleaned underneath.
– Woolite cleaned my desk chair.
– Windexed all pictures.
– Cleaned and scoured coffee maker and Briter water pitcher thing.
– Took all blankets and stuff to laundry.
– Pulled out ladder and dusted all the high-up places.
– Organized wires and cables underneath desk.
– Put away summer clothes, and pulled out winter clothes
– Found a nice box for all my extra books (Restless, Waiting and Cyberville). They were in four or five different piles around the place, I wanted them all in one spot.
– Still to do, organize a “to-read” shelf, which means admitting which books I’m not going to get to and getting rid of them.
– Vacuumed and dusted the place to within an inch of its life.

That’s Buddy on the couch, doing his part to un-do all that I have done. That’s okay little dude. Shed, kitty, shed! That’s what vacuums are for.

Another TV Round-up

fnl2.jpg Friday Night Lights is still spectacular. I wanted to mention that everyone is so perfect, even the people who are not the “stars”, like this guy, who plays Saracen’s friend. He is the epitome of teen guy best friend. The coaches wife is great, although I guess she is kind of a main character. The guy who plays though the coach though. The actor is normally incredibly attractive to me, but he gets this character so right that although I am riveted by him, I’m no longer in the least bit attracted. And the vulnerability of Saracen! Anyway, I love watching this whole world which I have zero experience with. It comes off as very real to me. I guess someone who lived in a small, football-obessed town in Texas will have to say if it’s authentic.

Grey’s Anatomy, which I still look forward to more than any other show, is having some problems. What the hell have they done to George and Baily? It looks like they’ve figured out they’ve done something to Baily because she’s beginning to come back. But I miss the George I came to love. I’m not smart enough to figure out what is not there so much, though.

PS: I’m doing winter cleaning this weekend. By the end of the day I will have the cleanest apartment in Manhattan.

Adrienne Shelly

Shelly.jpg This is a picture of actress Adrienne Shelly, who was murdered on November 1. I met her because Echo produced an independent film series in the 90’s called Alt.Film and we launched with her first film, Sudden Manhattan. She was incredibly sweet and smart (and once fixed me up with a friend of hers). Her murder, like all murders, was horrible and stupid, but her’s was horribly stupid beyond belief. If you haven’t read already, her murderer punched her unconscious, and, thinking she was dead, hanged her to make it look like a suicide. The hanging is what killed her. She had a three-year-old daughter.

I found this section in her director’s statement for Sudden Manhattan. Rest in peace, Adrienne.

“It was empowering to chronicle and parody my own personality, and those of some of my friends. It was empowering to place it all in New York City, a place I have learned to love despite my fear of it. New York takes every step along with you. It mirrors what you are feeling. If you are depressed, you walk outside, and everyone is depressed, and the streets are gray. If you are on top of the world, the streets seem to burst with triumphant energy. New York helped provide me with the gumption I would need to write, direct, and star in my own movie. A New Yorker knows how to persevere despite fear.”


spitzer.jpg I like Spitzer. He’s smart. Oh God it’s such a pleasure to see someone with intelligence and integrity rising in power. Sigh. Good times. Democrats all over the place. I feel a little safer today. More democrats everywhere. The first female Speaker. Progress! Thank you, America.

Come on Virginia and Montana! You can do it! Bring us home.

Then let’s turn our attention to Barack Obama. My future president.

Update: YAY!! Thank you, Montana!!