My New Boyfriend: The Macro Setting on My Camera

mbud1.jpg The question I just put to Buddy: Who is the most magnificent cat of all time?? His answer: [He left the room. I have no idea how to interpret that. He’s bored?] Look at the gorgeousness of him, though. I mean come on.

I saw Children of Men yesterday. I must say, I love a good end-of-the-world movie. Worse, I think people would behave this badly. Even though I genuinely believe in the good of many, I can’t deny the bad. Still, I’m glad the movie ended on a hopeful note. I don’t think I could have taken it otherwise.

Except … you know how in the movies when bad things are about to happen they always want to keep the news from getting out in order to avoid a panic? Well, look at 9/11. That first day, for all we knew anything could happen next. An even bigger attack could follow. But no one panicked. Instead, they rallied. They pulled it together and did what had to be done, and behaved decently.

The end of the world is a little different. If it’s truly the end of the world, there’s an absence of hope. But is there ever really a complete absence of hope? There’s always denial. So maybe, at the end of the world, we’d rally then too.

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4 thoughts on “My New Boyfriend: The Macro Setting on My Camera

  1. that is a damn good photo of a cat. i could swear his mind is on mayhem…or did the flash freeze him in place ???

    it is hard to believe in the good of many after watching the masses misbehave while awaiting the southbound no 6 train. the weak, the frail and too many women are left to fend for themselves when boarding. hardly life or death-but one would never know it by the behavior observed.

  2. David, I meant to say — yeah, people and the subways, those getting on, freaking ANIMALS.

    That’s actually why I said the end of the world as portrayed in Children on Men is believable. People kinda suck. But not all of them is the thing. So, will there be enough of them to pilot a ship called Tomorrow? I hope so.

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