Thank You, Bird Rescuers of New York

meg3.jpg This is the great and wonderful Meg Myles, and I will explain why she is so great. I hope she doesn’t mind that I am using this picture, but come on. Look how gorgeous she is in this shot.

Here’s the story. I saw a wounded pigeon huddled on its side by a wheel of a car on my way home from the library yesterday. I tried to walk on, a million katrillion birds and someone’s going to help me do something about one??? I got two blocks, but I knew I’d be haunted by it so I went back. It was the most pathetic, sorry sight, the little, turned over, partly splayed bird trying to hide behind the wheel of a car. I called Howard and asked him to google “pigeon rescue New York.” He was sure it was a waste of time, nothing would come back, but it turns out there are people in New York City who will help wounded pigeons. I left a message for them, got a box from a jewelry store, and took the pigeon home.

To make a long story short, a couple of hours later I was in the apartment of Meg Myles, who is like a bird first responder. She’ll give them first aid, food, and a safe place to eat and sleep until they can be picked up by the guy who will take them to the vet and then bring them to his sanctuary when they are healed. I was upset and so I didn’t take down the names of all these people. The website that got this incredibly efficient machine started on the behalf of my poor bird is here.

Meg is an actress, has done a lot of Broadway, soap operas, starred in Satan in High Heels, she was a pin-up girl in the 50’s (my shot must be from that era). She’s also a singer and there was a picture of her and Frank Sinatra on her wall.

But I was transfixed watching her tend to my poor pigeon. She handled him expertly, got him drinking and eating. I was a bit of wreck and her care of him really calmed me down. Meg just called!! The doctor said he was hit by a car and had a broken leg and wing, but they’re going set his breaks, tube feed him, and he should be okay! Pigeons heal quickly and they expect him to be okay in a week, at which point he’ll go up to that bird sanctuary.

I feel so much better. I was part of that efficient machine that made a tiny life better. Thank you, Meg and everyone else, Al and Don I think are the other names. I’m sorry I didn’t make sure to get the full names.

Stacy Horn

I've written six non-fiction books, the most recent is Damnation Island: Poor, Sick, Mad, and Criminal in 19th-Century New York.

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11 thoughts on “Thank You, Bird Rescuers of New York

  1. Stories like what you did yesterday offset several weeks worth of crappy political news Stacy. I love where you say “I got two blocks, but I knew I’d be haunted by it so I went back.” (Again, it is a “be the change you want to see in the world” thing!) So many of us would only make the effort if it was something rare, or exotic, but you made the effort, and saved a pigeon 🙂 I cannot tell you how much I love this story. Yea for Stacy!

  2. I honestly teared up when I read this. My faith in humanity has been just about as robust as that poor pidgeon recently… this blog entry is such a bright spot of hope!

  3. Most only do something like that with ‘traditional’ pets -dogs,cats, etc. – but what you did was say “YO!! GOD!! I got this one!” (even if you realized it or not)

  4. Stacy,

    Wow! How do you manage to do all that you do? But, not too busy to help a bird, you make me proud.

    I am thrilled to find you…for many reasons, but find myself speechless. I guess you seem to be what I had hoped for myself and have not yet attained.

    I will follow you now…I need inspiration.


  5. I love that everyone’s heart goes out to this bird!!

    Meg had me feel part of his chest and all I felt was bone and she said, “Yeah. He’s starving, you shouldn’t be able to feel that.” And then she put him in a box with food and he immediately started eating and eating. It felt so great to watch him.

    Larry, I love the “Yo God. I got this one.” Even though I don’t believe in him, I like the idea of sharing the work like that.

  6. I found your blog the other day, after having read your book Cyberville, which someone gave me as a gift.

    I went back to the beginning of your blog here, Jan 2005, and this is the first entry that is still open for comments. I have to say that this particular entry touched me, as I love birds, even pigeons. One got into the library here once and we called animal control, which apparently is a campus thing, and one of the Building Service Workers (read Janitor) came in with a two by four and was going to kill it. I had a fit, and they caught it and released the poor thing. So I am very glad to know you went back for the pigeon. Birds are important people too!


  7. Hi! I had to turn comments off because of spammers, but when I upgraded to WordPress I could turn them back on, so I think the past year of posts have comments open.

    But yeah, I love birds and pigeons too. I’m so glad I helped that bird. And that you saved that pigeon from the janitor. What is wrong with people??

  8. Ah yes, Meg Myles. You certainly have touched all the bases Stacy. You are a clever girl. Perhaps you should be a private detective or news reporter. Really. You’re good. LOLOL.

  9. Love this write up. I, too, have take avians to Meg. She’s fabulous and spot on when it comes to caring for these little creatures! She identified a tiny Warbling that I found that I confused with a Finch. She taught me that during migration they can lose their way from the flock and become disoriented. Her talent history is equally fascinating. Glad I stumbled across this article Stacy. Thanks for rescuing those in need! We need more people like you. Your books look like fabulous reads too.

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