Spring Cleaning!

I need a break from writing so I’ve decided this weekend will be my spring cleaning weekend. I love spring cleaning. Not only will my apartment be freshly, wonderfully clean and organized by the time I’m done, but I give myself various rewards at the end. For instance, I’ll go through all my clothes and figure out what I don’t wear, doesn’t fit and take them down to the local church thrift shop. My reward: one piece of replacement clothing!

In addition to all the usual stuff, my desk is getting a makeover. It’s not bad as far as messy desks go, and after reading that Times article that was very convincing that some clutter is better than excessive organizing the object isn’t so much to clear it. For instance, those two piles on the left? I need them, and according to the Times, a few piles like that can be a good thing. Nonetheless, there must be someway to make it all look better, even with the clutter. So this is my before shot.


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One thought on “Spring Cleaning!

  1. Would you happen to have the link to that article?

    For our recent move, we gave away so much stuff to charity. It was hard to let go at first, but became really liberating.

    I actually did give away stuff from time to time, but it was never enough to make a big difference. I guess the monumental move was the ultimate incentive to purge deeper than we had.

    I’m trying to live a sparer life, but it’s not easy, when you have that clutter gene.

    I just bought two tops today, so two or more are getting donated.

    I actually don’t think your “before” shot is so bad.

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