Why oh Why Are They Running at the Same Time?

election.jpg It’s such a difficult choice. I like Hillary, I could just re-post an earlier explanation of why I identify with her, but I like Hillary. And I want a woman to be president already. I can’t believe how backward we are in this. England, India, Pakistan, etc., all had female leaders before us.

But on the other hand, as other people have brought up, so many people hate her. Electing Hillary may keep our country at war with each other. Obama, however, might be able to un-do everything Bush and the republicans have done to divide the country and bring us back together. It’s not fair. It’s like rewarding the senseless misogyny (whenever I ask people why they hate her exactly, their reasons are vague). Also, the kids like Obama. And, as other have also pointed out, electing him might also help with the whole rest of the world hating us thing.

It sucks though. Because all things being equal I would want Hillary, no question. (The photograph is an AP file photograph by Evan Vucci.) You know, fuck it, I’m still supporting Hillary. Let people be mad. It’s a process that must be gone through and the sooner the better. Get mad, have your temper tantrum and get over it.

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9 thoughts on “Why oh Why Are They Running at the Same Time?

  1. I find myself having the same internal argument, but in regards to Hillary, I think it would be a case of the Schoppenauer saying: “All truth passes through 3 stages: first it is ridiculed; second, it is violently opposed; third, it is accepted as self-evident.” We’re in the midst of the violently opposed (with vestiges of ridicule). If she’s elected, there might be a little blip, then people will shrug and say, “yeah, it’s time we moved into the 20th century :-)” Obama for vp.

  2. I would love for the US to have a woman president too. Even in Canada, we had a woman Prime Minister (very briefly and she was no help at all). It is Hillary’s naked ambition and sense of entitlement that bothers me. And I never knew why otherwise intelligent Americans ever voted for Bill. Ack. They are a package deal too. But what do I know? I am only Canadian. 🙂

  3. Julia, if I was going to explore Canada, where should I go? Which parts are the most breathtakingly beautiful? The most fun? The friendliest people? (I used to be ambitious so I’m okay with ambition in others. Depending. And yeah, Bill is kinda swarmy, but he has his good points. He was smart and we had just come off Bush and Regan so for me, it felt like we had just been delivered.)

    Deborah, thanks for the 3 stages of truth quote, that was great!

  4. Julia: can you give a few concrete examples of her “naked ambition” and “sense of entitlement”? And explain how her approach is so different, overly ambitious, and displays more of a sense of entitlement compared to those candidates with a Y chromosome? What should she use in lieu of ambition to become the first female US President?

  5. That’s a good point. They’re all ambitious. You can’t run for president without ambition.

  6. Me again. Compare Hillary with the other females like Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir. They were also ambitious but to me, they had principles. I don’t think Hillary is very principled. Poor old Benazir Bhutto had principles too – she wanted power for herself and her family, end of story – but they weren’t very laudable. I would truly love to see more women in politics and in power everywhere. I know Condoleeza Rice is not a politician, but she strikes me as honest and principled. A lot of people think the job should go to someone who doesn’t really want it. But you have to really want it to get it, I know.

  7. I actually don’t think Condoleeza has principles at all after watching her answer questions at the senate hearings after 9/11. And Hitchens is funny, but well, to begin with, he doesn’t think woman are funny! Hard to take him seriously after that one.

    Hillary does inspire the hate, though, unfortunately.

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