Happy Valentine’s Day! We Are The Fairest of Them All!

Photograph missing! I don’t know where it went!

I have it on good authority that everyone reading this right now is fairer than any else. It’s a fact. Sorry everyone else. What can I say? Don’t hate us because we’re pretty.

I’m recycling a picture from an earlier post. This picture makes me happy. It brings back fond memories from growing up. Those were exciting times, except it’s always exciting in some way at all times, isn’t it? The way it was exciting for me then was because the world sucked in many ways, but I believed I could do something about it. I think Obama supporters are feeling that same potential, which is a good thing. Do your part to make the world better. Please do it without the hate though. I can’t take the hate anymore. (And I’m talking to you people hating on us because we’re pretty.) (Okay, I’m kidding.) (Except we are pretty.)

I can’t make up my mind what to do with myself today. Movie? Massage? Hard choices, I know. Sometimes I have the life.

At Least I Can Take Care of Cats

Comfy.jpg Sometimes I love looking over at Buddy, all cosy and warm on the big, fluffy, snowy-white comforter, on top of my red velvet couch, with snow falling outside, and remembering that before I got him he was living in a shuttered, abandoned beauty parlor in Harlem without heat, and doesn’t he have the life now, and how nice is that?

Here is a picture of Buddy taken moments ago, except he has since jumped off the couch and is now eating. Nom, nom, nom.

It makes me happy that today Buddy is living in what constitutes the lap of luxury for a cat.

Update. Finney in the lap of kitty luxury.


Jean Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast

It’s one of my favorite movies of all time. A while ago I uploaded a picture I took that reminded me of the statues from the movie. I had tried to find a picture from the movie so you could see the resemblance, but I couldn’t find one. But thanks to http://www.silverscreenings.net/, I have one now. So here is the statue, followed by the shot I took, I think on 10th Street.


This is another still from the movie. I was so mesmorized by this particular scene I wrote a poem inspired by it when I was in college. I was going to try to find the poem, but I’m sure it’s really bad. I was a college student! Didn’t we all write bad poetry then? But look at this. Gorgeous. Beauty is floating down a corridor in the castle of the Beast. The curtains float up before and after her as she glides by. It was just stunning. I’m going to upload some more stills tomorrow, I think. I could have written a poem about every scene. In fact, ever since I’ve wished I could have a bedroom like Beauty’s bedroom at the castle. It was an enchanted jungle, like a room that was both outside and inside.

My Poor Editors

Blue.jpg I’m going through the line edits for my book and every once in a while I’ll read an instruction from them that goes something along the lines of, “Please tell us, in one sentence only” something something something. What they’re battling is my love of going into a lot of detail when something is interesting to me.

My poor editors. But I have to laugh whenever they say it. I know exactly what they’re talking about. I fight it, but it’s an ongoing battle. Forgive me. I’m doing my best.

My Last Ten Days of Accomplishments aka The Reasons Why I Can Stop Working Now and Watch The Host:


Emailed FBI with specifics.
Set up Richard Sanders interview.
Emailed everyone about name server change.


Paid rent.
Made decision about the zoo.
Worked on choir piece.


Did a New York Cares volunteer gig.
Worked on choir piece.


Went to the gym.
Emailed Sally.
Worked on choir pieces.


Finished this month’s billing (Echo people).
Followed up on domain name server change.
Called landlord.


Updated Restless blog.
Decent walk.


Worked on epilogue.
Got caught up in email.
Worked on taxes.


Went to the gym.
Emailed Art about interviews.
Started working on the line edits.


Worked more on line edits.
Did my heavy lifting errands, litter and catfood.
More tax work.


Got Sanders interview questions ready.
Went to make-up choir rehearsal.
Dealt more with mail problem.


Finished line edits for chapter two!!

(The picture is of another great dress in the window of Bergdorf’s.)

The More Dark and Cavernistic the Better

Exchange.jpg This is the alley where I watched the parade. I love this about the Wall Street area, lots of nooks and crannies, doesn’t feel particularly well planned, it’s crumbly and old in spots, and 19th century feeling in a lot of places. I should walk around and take shots some afternoon.

What’s up for me today … thinking … choir practice, make sure I’m ready for an interview on Monday, (for my audio forensics piece) work on the line edits for the parapsychology book. It has a tentative title. Unbelievable: The Search for the Supernatural at The Parapsychology Laboratory of Duke University.

Then, at some point, lay on the couch and read People Magazine and watch TV.

I’ve been thinking about my next book. I would really like to do another Waiting for My Cats to Die. Basically a series of essays about whatever is obsessing me. I don’t know if a publisher would go for that though, because Waiting for My Cats to Die wasn’t exactly a best seller. Hmmm. I have an idea though. I’m going to talk to my agent first.

Is there anything good on TV tonight? I enjoyed Lipstick Jungle, I have to say. Not great, but it roped me in. I must have some recorded things left to watch. Oh, I’ve got a movie called The Lookout that people are saying is very good. There I go. Day set.