I Need a Shopping Spree

Blouse.jpg I bought this blouse from Anthropologie as a present to myself. I was dying for a few other things, but I stopped at the blouse. It was a hard. I’m in a frenzy of want, want, want, apparently. Wanted this pair of linen pants, a new pair of jeans, a Spring cardigan. (The males have stopped reading by now. Oh! Now we can talk about them!)

– I want people to be more courteous on the street.
– I want cars to stop going through red lights.
– I want people to stop treating elections like baseball games and hating the fans of the other team.
– I want a flatter stomach.
– A chihuahua.
– I want my book to be a best seller, of course. Had to throw that in there.
– A great new take-out restaurant to open within blocks of my apartment.
– I want the perfect haircut (this doesn’t exist, does it?).
– I want Joss Whedon back making TV shows.
– As long as I’m on the subject, I want Buffy the Vampire Slayer back. (Sob.)

That reminds me, I was trying to think of how to phrase something like “world peace” and I remembered Howard trying to cheer me up when I was bemoaning all the hate in the world. He was saying how slowly, over the centuries, as much hate and war as there is, there is actually less, and we’re slowly slowly slowly improving. He brought up a lot of convincing examples to prove it (slavery, women’s rights, etc.) and I was once again wondering if perhaps it’s true.

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6 thoughts on “I Need a Shopping Spree

  1. i recently watched all seven seasons of Buffy from start to finish. I watched a couple episodes a night. The series still holds up for me even though i’ve seen most of the episodes several times. I didn’t like the final season when it aired but re-watching it from start to finish made the finale seem completely appropriate. i’m with you it’s hard to find anything since that is as good.

  2. It is interesting that we still mourn the loss of Buffy after all these years. There will probably never be anything like it again, sad for us. I still get weird looks if I bring up what a great show it was to the ignorant. I once told a friend, somewhat jokingly, that if I was ever in a coma, just have them play the theme song to Buffy and I’d most likely come out of it! There was a great article written back in 1998 about the show by Michael Ollove of the Baltimore Sun. I still have it. I wish I could find it to send it on.

    And no, there is no perfect haircut, at least it never seems to be on the head you want it to be on, your own. Good luck with your book!

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