Why Can’t So You Think You Can Dance be on Year Round?

The best lift I’ve ever seen on the show was Joshua’s last night, when Katee did that I-don’t-know-what-to-call-it and Joshua seemed to catch her mid-leap and froze her in that mid-leap-looking position — my God it took my breath away!

Other thoughts:

No way do I think the partnering was random. Everyone was partnered up with exactly who I think the judges wanted to see together. Exactly.

I do not think Twitch did a good job with the mambo. He didn’t pull off the mambo the way Joshua pulled off the samba earlier in the season and the paso doble last night. And look how great Mark was with the waltz. The judges were much too kind to Twitch — I can’t believe the pass Mary gave him on the mambo. And they didn’t praise Mark enough.

I think Chelsie and Twitch should be the ones going home, except I don’t know if they will. Twitch is very popular. And Mark’s solo was kinda dumb. I’m not sure who is the more popular of the two women, Chelsie or Courtney. It was insane how Chelsie kept up with Twitch in that hip hop, but I still think Courtney can do more than Chelsie, overall.

I want Joshua and Katee as the final two, and Katee to win. Here is the samba that they did. I probably already posted this, but I continue to watch it again and again.

[The video I linked to has been removed.]

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3 thoughts on “Why Can’t So You Think You Can Dance be on Year Round?

  1. Technically, it’s not a lift if the guy doesn’t pick her up. That was a catch, a trick, a good one, well done, but not a lift.

  2. Why can’t SYTYCD be on year round, you ask?
    Canadians will be getting a sort of double dose of the show as there will be a Canadian version (On CTV, starting this fall? not quite sure.) Maybe they will have episodes online? Would you watch it? Mary Murphy will be one of the judges, as will choreographer Jean-Marc Genereux (from Quebec!) who we’ve seen often on SYTYCD. And, remember Blake from season 1? He’s originally from Ontario and will be one of the guest judges. I’m looking forward to seeing how the talent here compares to the US.

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