This is For You America! Thank you, Barack Obama!

November 4th, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized

The voting machine broke in the election district next to mine and they were putting their ballots in a cardboard box held together with masking tape. People were given the option to come back later, but no one left.  They were too excited and too committed to voting NOW.  Movie below …

Again, I’ve been voting since the 70’s and this is twenty times as long as any line I have ever seen in New York City.  Woohoo!!!

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  2. By Nora Brown on Nov 4, 2008

    I had to wait 10 minutes in line to vote in our recent Canadian election and I was annoyed! It is inspiring to see so many people going to so much trouble to exercise their democratic right!
    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. By Nicole on Nov 4, 2008

    That is amazing. Kudos to you for capturing history! Seeing all those folks waiting — and peaceably at that — in a line THAT long is awe-inspiring. People DO care. People HAVE had enough.

    Maybe, just maybe we can have our country back. Dare I hope? 🙂

  4. By Serena on Nov 4, 2008

    That’s incredible…history in the making. How long did it take you to get through that line?

    I live in Oregon where we are lucky to be able to vote entirely by mail or dropping off our ballots in an official ballot box.

    My mom, who is 63 and has never voted before, voted for the first time today. In the past she has expressed preference for Republican candidates, but has become fed up with the damage done over the past 8 years. She voted for Obama/Biden today. She lives in Colorado.

  5. By Stacy Horn on Nov 4, 2008

    Oh Serena, stories like your mother’s make me so happy!!!! And Colorado!!!!!!!

    I was on that line for roughly an hour, it wasn’t bad at all and I was just so excited and happy, I didn’t mind.

  6. By Melinda on Nov 5, 2008

    I went to the same polling place (it was moved from PS 3) at about 2:30 PM and there was almost no line. I must have really lucked out!

    It helped that I was taking a “Mental Health Day” and called in sick and didn’t have to deal with the before 9-after 5 crowds. Although there was a reporter there from NY1 and I ducked out of the range of the camera, lest my boss see me and think I didn’t look “sick” enough.

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