Big Kids in a Candy Shop

My friend Tim and I went to Economy Candy today.  Good lord.  Will you look at this place?  This was after a meeting where we discussed “business.”  Scroll down for more.

What I bought after the Giant Pez Dispensers …

Candy from my youth!  I don’t think I will actually consume the Nik-L-Nip, except wasn’t it called Nik-L-Lip?  Or something else?  Anyway, I’m sure it’s radioactive and not safe to drink.  The Sugar Babies … is there something kinda racist about that name?  I’m eating the Sour Apple gum as I type, and okay, this is not holding up.  Sour Orange was my favorite anyway.

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7 thoughts on “Big Kids in a Candy Shop

  1. What a cool place. It does bring you back to your childhood when you see all the candy that you thought was so great when you were a kid but now think is kinda gross as an adult.

  2. Ha. Yeah. So far it all sucks. The Razzles are okay, because they’re sour now. I love anything sour-ized.

  3. Even when it sucks, it costs a fifth of what you’d pay for it at Dylan’s Candy Bar, and doesn’t even trigger a dental copay.

  4. I’m pretty sure Nik-L-Nip was the name of those bottles. I remembered it used to burn my throat. It must have been incredibly toxic.

    I love sour things too. My favorite childhood candy was Regal Crown Sour Cherry. They were individually wrapped. Do you remember those?

  5. Wow. This really takes me back! Especially at Christmas time …

    No matter how many presents there were, always without fail, my first order of business was to dump and pillage the stocking — where I’d inevitably find some of my favorites.

  6. Fruit Stripe is a most excellent gum: terrific flavor kick for the first 30 seconds. Of course, then all the flavor goes away and its time for another stick. I don’t particularly like that it contains aspartame , if they could make it without that it would be golden.

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