I Might Be Ready to Take My Head Out of the Sand

I don’t really follow what goes on in the world, and I’m not happy about that (just as I am not happy about all the holes in my education).

Part of the problem was I had no news sources that I really trusted. But that’s not true anymore. There’s Rachel Maddow. I feel like I’m the last to know, but she is a godsend. I’m going to start recording her show so that I never miss it.  I also like 3QuarksDaily, not a news site per se, but I can get a whole different look at things like what’s going on in Gaza right now. Although for a quick snapshot of what most people don’t know, take a look at this short op-ed. But in addition to pieces written by their own contributors, 3QuarksDaily links to articles I wouldn’t necessarily see and which are frequently worth reading.

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8 thoughts on “I Might Be Ready to Take My Head Out of the Sand

  1. During the last 10 years or so, I think I’ve come to understand the origins of the old adage that “Ignorance is bliss.”

    I’m also a Rachel fan (love her big bro, Keith, too).

  2. in 1948, Israel asked the people living there to stay and be part of a new country. Those that did have prospered. The surrounding arabic
    countries told them to get out of the way while they drove the jews into the sea and they could come back and reclaim their property as well as the property of the jews. It never worked out that way. Did the arab neighbors then welcome them into their countries? No. They kept them in refugee camps for years until Israel won the areas under other wars and closed the camps.

    Gaza has a border with Egypt. Is Israel controlling the border between Egypt and Gaza?

    And finally, what would the United States do if another country was launching tens to hundreds of missiles into New York every day?

  3. Tom, I think you can agree that it’s not really fair to boil down sixty years of conflict to this and make any kind of accurate assessment. It would be near impossible to find out what happened yesterday to any degree of accuracy, much less what happened at the beginning of all this. For instance, Israel broke the cease fire agreement, apparently. It’s a terrible problem, and both sides have legitimate beefs.

    I don’t want to take sides. I want to hear everyone out.

    And ohmygod, Abbas Raza stopped by!! (Editor of 3QuarksDaily.)

    Hi Nicole!

  4. Stacy, you say “Israel broke the cease fire agreement, apparently.” Not true but APPARENTLY true due to the bias of the media coverage. They are quick to condemn Israel for firing on schools and ‘innocent’ people but where was the media for the past 6 months or so when these terrorists were lobbing bombs into Israel DAILY?? How long do you think the US would tolerate Cuba for example lobbing bombs into Florida?

    Israel GAVE this land to them (a mistake, but that’s another story)to try exist peacefully. These terrorists have nothing in mind except to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

    As for innocents being hurt and the bombing of schools – that’s where they launch the rockets from. They hide behind their women and children and send their own sons out to be suicide bombers. You cannot reason with these terrorists.

  5. I appreciate your position, and it’s not that I don’t understand it, but for every valid point and grievance on one side, there is an equally valid point and grievance on the other side.

    For my whole life I’ve heard Israel’s side of the argument, (and I would argue that the U.S. media’s bias is in favor of Israel) and only a tiny bit of the other side. I want to hear both sides out. This is about being informed and doing my best to be fair.

    In court each side gets to make their case and present their evidence and testimony. If you were fighting with someone, would you want everyone to form opinions based solely on what the other person said without hearing from you?

    I’m afraid I am in no-win territory here. It’s such an emotional, upsetting, long-standing issue.

  6. Although we may disagree about who started what when, I hope we can all agree that there are always two sides to every story. Stacy – I am so glad you are listening to the “other side.”

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