Don’t Ever Spend a lot of Money on Me

April 1st, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized

I fall, drop things, spill things, lose things, and apparently BREAK anything I love. My camera, which I just replaced seven months ago, broke.  One month after the warranty expired, of course.  I can’t get over myself. I sent it to Canon for repair, but they have this “Loyalty” program.  I can either pay for it to be repaired, or buy a better, but refurbished camera at a reduced price. That’s how I got the G9 which I just broke.  I love that camera though, so I may not go for the refurbished upgrade.  Unless they offer me a great deal on a G10. Maybe.

This is one of the last things I shot.  A guy dancing in a rat costume in the window of the Marc Jacobs kids store on Bleecker Street.

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