My Litterbox Solution

Gross posting alert! I have a cat (FINNEY, the evil one of course) who sometimes raises his butt and pees off the side of the litterbox. Ew, I know. And I’ve had him checked for other issues that might be causing this and he’s fine.

So I devised this litterbox solution. The pee hits these plastic sheets (cut down shower curtains) and into the litterbox.

Of course I regularly have to clean these plastic sheets but that’s easier than cleaning all around the litter box and anything else the pee gets into, like the bath mat, etc.

Cats.  The things we do for love. Ironically, I’m posting this because of a discussion on Echo about people who bring cats to shelters for what are to me and many others inexcusable reasons.

People suck sometimes.  So do cats (I’m looking at you FINNEY PEE-OFF-THE-SIDE CAT).  But I wouldn’t bring abandon a person in a shelter either.

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8 thoughts on “My Litterbox Solution

  1. Yeah, people give up on people so easily. Why wouldn’t they quickly abandon a creature?

    Toby the Cat makes me insane and he’s the weirdest animal we’ve ever had (and we’ve had dozens.) But I know we could never take him anywhere. No normal person would have him. 🙂 Sadly, that would mean he’d be put down.

  2. Exactly, that’s what I do not understand about people who bring their pets to shelters. They know there’s a chance that they will be put down. A good chance in many cases. How could they?

  3. I have Iggy (19) Mortimor (19) and Herman (18) and trust me – Iggy sometimes forgets where to go but that is fine by me – I just have a spray bottle with some white vinegar – water and that takes care of everything.

    Stacy – did you ever try the enclosed litter boxes?

  4. Did you post your cat’s ages before? Because I’m impressed. You must be taking amazing care of them.

    The spot where I keep their litterbox is small, with those pipes that annoyingly curve in. But I should measure it. Maybe it is possible to fit a covered litterbox in there.

  5. Yes I’m the one that just lost Oliver at the ripe old age of 18. Then Iggy started to have some serious problems and he had to go to the vet – the vet said he was amazed at their health – he seriously asked me what I was doing – I had to lie – the truth is I have always treated them holistic meds and I never ever take them to the vet – no vaccines! But of course if there is something serious i will take them to the vet – like Oliver had hyperthyroidism and we took him in for a 9 day very expensive treatment which gave him 3 extra years. The real secret is love love love!!! And of course no stress!

  6. Wow. Yeah, I have misgivings about the vaccines too. The science seems to back up the vaccines, but still. I’m not comfortable about them.

  7. I’m leery of all the vaccines, too, especially considering that my animals don’t run and they’re not around other animals. We just lost Tigger a few weeks ago (my 17-year-old brown Tabby). That’s the longest I’ve ever had an animal, though my mom had a cat that made it to 21 and a turtle for more than 50 years.

    I’m really awed by the longevity of Alicia’s brood. That’s fabulous!

    And Stacy, you’d be surprised where the covered pans will fit. They come in different sizes. DOH! Don’t know why I didn’t suggest that. Ours use them. 🙂

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