American Idol Round-Up

Adam is going to win and he deserves to win, but even when the judges are complimenting Kris and Allison they’re not giving them enough credit.  For instance, Danny can sing, really sing, but I actually thought Kris was better last night, PLUS, he is a thousand times more charismatic. (Sorry.) I love to watch him.  I thought Come Together was going to be boring, but there is something magnetic about Kris’s voice even when he’s not doing something particularly show-y. Everything doesn’t have to be the show stopping pizazz of an Adam.  A quieter greatness is every bit as great.  I loved Kris’s low notes, by the way.  Loved them.  

AND, when Adam and Allison had their duet, I thought she was better.  I’m guessing I’m going to be alone in thinking that, but there was something almost too polished and perfect about Adam, a little bit phoning it in and predictable, and she was more raw, more real.  She put her heart into it.

I voted for the first time this season.  Five times for Kris.  I should have voted for Allison too, maybe.  I voted for Kris because I thought he might be the one in trouble.

Here’s a cool ornament I saw on a building on Fifth Avenue the other day.  “Hey.  You people down there. Do not ignore me.  I am Angry Head Man.”  Except he doesn’t really look angry, does he?  More just like a man with a point to make.

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