Reason for Kill-Age, Take Two

Okay, I think this will work better.

Except I think the cats might balk at the encroachment of the new curtain on their litter space.

But this was my only other option to drape it.  Not very elegant.

This is just so insane.

Why can’t I ever ever ever ever have normal cats??

It’s me, isn’t it?

Oh please work.  I don’t know what else to do.

By the way, no bird have shown up at the bird feeder yet.  Pigeons and starlings have landed on the fire escape but they totally ignore the bird feeder.

I filled it with black oil sunflower seeds, which I read was best for the widest variety of wild birds.

Stacy Horn

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9 thoughts on “Reason for Kill-Age, Take Two

  1. Stacy, it will take a week or more before the birds realize what the bird feeder is doing there. There is a reason that “bird brain” is an epithet.

    Don’t worry. They’ll figure it out and then you’ll be filling that bird feeder back up every day!

  2. You can’t have normal cats because *all* cats are weird. The (usually) endearing part is that they each have unusual ways to be weird. Missing the litter box is, alas, not one of them.

    If the shower curtain arrangement doesn’t work, I might try the covered litter box, but cut out as much as you need to in order to get it to fit past the pipe. Then cover the hole with plastic (plastic packing tape to hold it to the inside) to contain any, um…misses.

  3. Stacy:

    There is such an easy solution for this problem which I only discovered because my cat Marceau (gone nearly three years) really did not seem to know where his butt was in relation to the litter box. And after he became diabetic these came in especially handy…

    The answer: Puppy Pads!

    The larger ones (length and width) are usually thicker, but they are very absorbent and if used correctly should save you having to concoct things as if you were the professor on Gilligan’s Island. And they are easily disposable…

    The drape thing seems so potentially messy and time consuming.

    Just a suggestion.

  4. The drape solution is not very elegant, I agree. I like the idea of cutting a hold in the plastic where the pipe is. I’m mad I didn’t think of that. Also, not sure how to cut it, I don’t have any tools.

    Karen sent me a picture of her solution, which I might try. She uses a box with really really high sides that she bought from Office Depot. We don’t have Office Deport here, but we do have the Container Store, where I’m sure I could get something like what she has.

  5. Revan, I plan on using puppy pads sometime when and if I get a chihuahua.

  6. No, I meant you put the puppy pads under the litter box so the urine doesn’t drip to the floor. I still regularly put pads under the box for the occasions when Camille is not quite centered or is a little vigorous in her “shoveling” of the litter.

    The top portion is absorbent and the bottom is plastic.

    Anyway, hope you find a solution.

  7. Stacy – I take it that the bathroom is the “only” place you want to put the litter box. If with all of the above suggestions it still does not work out you may want to try purchasing one of those lovely litterboxes that look like a piece of furniture and place it somewhere else in your apartment because “size” is really the issue here. You really don’t have to purchase the box but you can go online and just get some ideas and get creative. Good Luck!

  8. Revan! Oh, I get it now! Karen, that’s a possibility, and Alicia, that is a great idea. I was thinking I might have to move to box elsewhere and I didn’t want to — I totally forgot about those litterboxes that look like furniture, thanks!!

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