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5 thoughts on “What kind of tree/bush is this?

  1. That is a Hydrangea – I believe the cone flower variety. Aren’t they beautiful – I used to think hydrangea’s were old lady plants – now they are one of my favorites – I guess cause I am an old lady now.

  2. I thought so, as there were a couple of those plants (bushes?) in the yard of my childhood home. Very pungent…

  3. They don’t have the typical round ball of blossoms like your standard hydrangea ( but Karen (above) could be right when she notes they are a variety. To me, hydrangea reminds me of my grandmother’s place so I guess they ARE “old lady plants”! But they can be so lovely in the summer. And they don’t have a strong smell – their odor is very faint but distinct.

  4. I was incorrect – it is a hydrangea but the oak leaf variety. I agree that they do not have a strong odor as we have quiet a few in our garden.

  5. I was shock that they are hydrangeas, of any variety. Well, you learn something new every day. Hopefully. Thanks.

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