It’s Halloween Out There!

In the West Village Halloween is celebrated the Sunday before Halloween. And children trick or treat in the stores, not private homes. Stores that have agreed to participate put out signs saying that they are trick or treatable.

Some stores make a bigger deal of it than others. One made such a big deal it was a little scary for the younger ones (screams were heard inside).

These kids are lining up for candy at the Biography Bookshop (which I heard is moving, sob, sob, even though they NEVER carry my books, I don’t hold it against them, they are very nice, have otherwise excellent taste, and they’re so convenient).

For the record, I’m acting all casual and everything, but meanwhile I am TERRIFIED about the event at the 92nd Street Y tonight. I am introducing and interviewing Dan Aykroyd and his father Peter, who just came out with a book called A History of Ghosts. I’ve spoken with Peter on the phone and he was so nice and gracious and I’m sure his son is too, and everything will be fine, but I am only human, for the love of God. And I’m nervous.

Meanwhile, downstairs on Bleecker Street the children are enjoying hayrides, oblivious to the life of terror in front of them. Or are they? I’m pretty sure I knew. Nonetheless, I couldn’t wait. Bring on the terror.


Hello Fall.


Life is Great When You Have Talented Friends

At lunch the other week everyone was commenting on my sorry choice of handbags, and so my friend Sharleen Smith, who just started designing handbags, sent me an early prototype.

I love it!! It’s the perfect book and notebook size! (My reason for using a purse in the first place.) And the compartment inside is just the right size. Thank you so much, Sharleen, it’s just gorgeous. Everyone check it out!! Buddy loves it too. I used it yesterday and felt so fashionable! (The opposite of what I usually feel.) I am so so so lucky.

UPDATE: My friend’s handbags are not on her shop Mayapan yet, but they should be there in a few weeks.


2 out of 5

That’s how many shots I managed to give Rusty so far. He’s definitely more comfortable with me now. And last night he came out and hissed at my cats, which is an improvement. He’s tired of hiding out.

Today is a busy day. There’s a make-up choir rehearsal I want to go to, errands, getting ready for the event with the Aykroyds tomorrow, and well, nothing terribly interesting really, just a list of stuff.

This picture is from a week or so ago. I should have taken a movie of these guys. The work day must have been done and they were scrambling all over the face of the building, putting tools away and battening down the hatches.


Live From my Bedroom – Take 2

I was not successful in giving my friend’s cat a shot last night. I’m going to try again shortly. If I fail I’m going to have to call my friend and she’ll have to come back here from Vermont. I’ll feel very bad.

This is him on the bed, checking me out. I’m sitting on the floor with my computer.

Buddy is outside the door crying.

I thought I was a cat whisperer, but apparently not. This cat may have defeated me.

Live From My Bedroom

Where I am holed up with my friend’s cat, trying to get him to be okay with me so he doesn’t bite me again when I try to give him his insulin injection.

I am the “go to” person for all my friends who have cats with special needs. But this cat HATES me. I couldn’t get near him last night to give him his shot. He growled and hissed and I knew better. This morning he was still growling, but I was concerned about him missing two shots so I just kinda darted in and got him before he had a chance to react.

Then he bit me. It hurt. Not horribly. I’m fine. But I only got that one shot in because I had surprise on my side. He’s onto me now. So I’m sitting quietly with him in the bedroom with the door closed, trying to get him used to me.

That’s him on the floor, sleeping just a few feet away from me so, so far so good with plan I think. This cat has a gorgeous face. I’ll try to get a shot at some point.