Trying to Get Organized

It’s been a while since I posted a Dress I Can’t Possess. Here’s one that’s in a window across the street. I wouldn’t have any place to wear this and I don’t think this would look good on me, but it’s very pretty to look at.

I’ve been going crazy consolidating and cleaning up all my email lists. Some of you may have even gotten email from me about it. It’s a lot of work, but I’m glad I’m doing it. Ugh, though.

I have to update my blogs for The Restless Sleep and Unbelievable, but I’m burnt out now. If I try to do it now I’ll just do a bad, half-ass job.

This wonderful coincidence just happened though. I was going through all the answers to the poll question on my main website (Do you believe in ghosts?), and one person I answered emailed me just now to tell me that she is going to be the one translating my book Unbelievable for the Japanese edition. I don’t know if I posted about this yet, but I recently got an offer from Kinokuniya Shoten and I accepted. Anyway, she hadn’t even seen what I had emailed her yet when she emailed me.

I have been so happy about this. I’ve been in love with Japan from afar ever since high school. My father and my brother have been there many times for business, but I haven’t gotten there yet myself. And having this book come out there won’t change that either, but still. My words get to go there even though I can’t!

New Link

I added a link on the right to Mayapan, the Etsy store for my friend Sharleen Smith. She’s the one who made the handbag I posted about earlier and pictured here.

She doesn’t have the bags online yet, but hopefully she’ll get them up for Christmas!

I know this is not a great shot, but you can’t use the flash when you’re photographing yourself in a mirror.

You can see the bag well enough though, I think.

Oh. I should have used the self-timer. Next time. I have a cat on me now.

Alright, I have to practice a little for choir tonight. Oh christ. Can I reach my music? Yes.

Soprano 2’s rule by the way. We are actually number 1 even though we are 2’s. It’s not logical, I know, but it’s still true.

Soprano 2’s are number 1. And we’re prettier. Our cats are prettier, too.

More True Cat Love

I am so so so so tired.

I took this picture yesterday while I was curled up in a fleece blanket watching movies on my computer (The September Issue and the first half of the latest Transformers movie, will get to the second half today hopefully). Every once in a while one or the other cat joined me.

So far this week I have accomplished: breathing, cat feeding, bird feeding, tv watching, a day of eating mostly dessert (pumpkin ice cream and smarties) and I got caught up in my email (not entirely, but close). Tomorrow I will get back to work.

The Aykroyds

I didn’t get any great pictures, alas. But the evening went well! A few flubs on my part, but nothing serious at all. A couple of times while Dan was talking Peter would whisper questions to me, neither of us aware of just how much the mics were picking us up anyway, and so Dan had to stop and wait for us. He made jokes, the audience laughed.

I was invited to join their party afterwards for dinner, there was like 30 of us. I can say that Dan Aykroyd keeps friends forever, and he treats them and the people who work for him very well.

This is Dan and his father Peter, the author (with Angela Narth) of A History of Ghosts. They’re going to be on the Today show in just a few minutes, and also later on Larry King, but I forget what day he said. Perhaps the next time it’s on?


Some people in the audience were in Ghostbusters costumes. Dan very nicely signed their suits!