This will make you feel good!

Someone I know rescued two dogs that had been hit by a car (one of the dogs didn’t make it). The other was touch and go for a long time, I couldn’t read all the posts about it, it was so horribly upsetting. I’d ask people to just tell me the barest details.

But Percy made it and Catherine made this video about the year of helping him and it’s just so uplifting. Along the way she rescued some feral cats (keeping two I believe) and just try not to tear up when you see Percy and the kittens!

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6 thoughts on “This will make you feel good!

  1. Wonderful video, thanks! 2009 was a rough year for some, me included. This time last year, I had had my second of 6 rounds of chemo. Gack, I hope never to have to do that again. Now I am back to normal but one of my neighbours (May) fell down and broke both ankles about 2 months ago and I have been walking her old Golden retriever every night – good for my karma! May had the same velcro casts that the dog had! ANyway, thanks fo rposting this.

    And happy new year for 2010!

  2. Oh god! Six rounds of chemo!! When was the last?? I’m glad you’re back to normal. MAN.

    And your poor neighbor. We’re too vulnerable!! You certainly are building up some pretty good karma, walking her dog EVERY night.

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