Looking for Ream Constance Hoxie (Hoxsie)

I’m very excited to have made some progress in my search for Ream Constance Hoxie. She had a ten year old brother named Ralph, and I found and spoke to his son. Those of you who read the comments sections know that two granddaughters of Ralph’s are here now.

Unfortunately, Ralph refused to talk about his parents and never told anyone he even once had a sister. So until my call, Ralph’s son had never even heard of his late Aunt Ream. It could be that Ralph’s parents were not the best parents in the world (with all due respect). According to one of the New York Time’s articles about Ream’s murder, the Children’s Society had gotten a number of complaints and they took Ralph away in June the year before, but not Ream. (Perhaps because she was older? Except she was only 16 at the time.)

Right now I’m trying to find two people: a cousin of Ream’s named Jessie Ward who lived in Ansonia, CT in 1917, and an Army guy named Redvers Bowen. Ream and Jessie met Redvers at the Ansonia Public Library and Ream and Redvers wrote letters to each other the year before she died. Redvers Bowen died here in New York in 1968.

I have only two letters from Ream to Redvers (who gave them to the police at the time). In both she tries to sound older and sophisticated, and it’s very endearing. She says she is 18, but she was really 17. In the snippet below she’s talking about when they met at the library.

I’ll address why I believe the case went cold in my next post.

UPDATE: Ream Constance Hoxie update here.


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6 thoughts on “Looking for Ream Constance Hoxie (Hoxsie)

  1. Fascinating. Reminds me of researching background for some of the individuals I intereviewed for feature articles.

    You are so lucky to be in NYC where you can get access to so many interesting archives!

  2. Yeah, I remember coming across that name, but I don’t know at this point.

    Cara, it’s true, but there are interesting archives everywhere, really!

  3. Stacy..hello
    I’m Stew’s wife and I just had to tell you that although he is deeply saddened by this he is so very interested because he never knew his family history. Your research is starting to fill in the gaps. I can’t thank you enough. As you can tell the girls are into it BIG TIME.
    thanks again
    Laurie Hoxie

  4. Hi Laurie! I’m so glad your family is pleased by this. Sometimes people prefer to keep the past buried so I wasn’t sure how Stewart was going to respond when I called.

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