Bird Showdown

Karen counters with a female downy woodpecker. She is gorgeous! You guys are killing me. Since I had to move my feeder I can’t even see my pigeons anymore! Oh well. I will bird watch vicariously through you guys.

Anyhow, I got 100 on my census test!! 100!! Every question right!! Woo-hoo!! Okay, it wasn’t exactly a hard test, but it was tricky. I think it was designed to weed out the kind of people who aren’t careful and misspell names, misfile, figure out people’s year of birth incorrectly, etc.

So look out people of New York City!! Soon I may be counting you!


Betsy sent me pictures of the pileated woodpeckers at the feeder in her father’s driveway in Queensbury NY.  AMAZING!  Now I am jealous of Betsy and her father.  They look huge.  I’ve never seen anything like them, outside of a cartoon!

I’m applying for a job as a census worker and I’m taking a test in a couple of hours.  It may sound strange, but it sounds like a fun job to me.  I am so nervous about this test though.  The problem is, you have to take the test in under 30 minutes, and even though the questions are all easy, they are also easy to get wrong if you don’t read the question very carefully.  And I’m not as fast as I used to be.  But if I get the job, I think I might be assigned to my neighborhood. That would be great if it were true. I’d meet most of my neighbors for the first time.



Once again, I am SO jealous of Karen and her bird feeders.  She recently sent me  picture of this bluebird at her feeder.  Even her finches are more colorful than mine.


I am Going Out to Dance in the Streets

The vets put that scarf on him. I didn’t do that!

It’s the best possible news on every level.  He’s got the low-grade lymphoma and according to the vet, cats can live a good quality of life for many years with this. She said I should think of it as a chronic, but manageable disease.

She put him on the chlorambucil (aka leukeran) which is, as Melissa said, a very mild chemotherapy drug, AND it’s not expensive, AND I only need to bring him next month, then for another ultrasound in 2-3 months, so I won’t be going completely broke in order to pay for visits and medicine.

Aside from “this has all been a big mistake, he’s fine” this is the best news she could have given me. I am SO happy.  I am just so freaking happy.

Look at who got as big as a house!

While I tried to fatten up Buddy I’ve probably given Finney diabetes. Look at the size of this belly!

Buddy’s got an appointment with the oncologist at 9am. I’m scared. And now that I’m feeling a little better about Buddy I’m scared about what this is going to cost!