It’s Official, I’m Stressed

I’m going insane. I feel like I pill Buddy all day long. Poor him, poor me. I also noticed that he eats more if I hang out with him while he eats. Weird, right? So now, twice a day I sit with him while he eats. I’m going nuts making sure I’m doing everything I can for him. I’ve been reading that probiotics help and so I started him on a probiotic, but I don’t know if I’ve bought the “best” one so I’ve been googling all morning, reading reviews. I still don’t know. I’m a crazy lady. But the one I’ve started with is called Ark Naturals Gentle Digest.

Here is the healthy (evil) one. I try to make sure he gets attention too. He’s very good about not eating the Friskies that I feed Buddy. I say “no” and he listens mostly. I have to repeat it every minute or so, but it’s not a battle.


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9 thoughts on “It’s Official, I’m Stressed

  1. Fin doesn’t look stressed, so whatever you’re doing with him seems to be enough. I hope you and Buddy will be able to relax once the chemo kicks in.
    We’re due for 10-20″ more snow, and all I could think about was catfood and newspapers. We’ve got enough catfood, but the lack of newsprint is awful.

  2. Stay strong.. keep up your spirits as much as you can! Crazy my ass! It’s called being a great person and fur-mom for caring so much! Major kudos to you! There are many who wouldn’t… You are my hero, Stacy!
    Headbutt-shmooshies to Fin and Buddy from my boys, Yoda and Suibhne… 🙂

  3. Gorgeous Fin, enjoying the sunlight. Your devotion is great!

    However, let me tell you, you haven’t known pet devotion till you have to learn how to express a dog’s anal glands. Vets will do it, groomers will do it, but I learned how via an internet video by a vet. NOT fun, worst dirty/stinky job EVER, but saves me $50.00 a month by bathing, clipping nails, expressing anal glands for my two dogs.

    Hang in there!

  4. Finney looks so intelligent – you can almost see him saying “I know where she keeps the Friskies”. Is there a reason to keep him from getting a little as a treat? Squint likes the Friskies “prime fillets” (all flavors) best – and gets an occasional tablespoon for variety.

    We don’t think of devotion as crazy – just the opposite!

  5. My vet, who I think is very good, uses Purina’s probiotic product Fortiflora. She has us give that plus L-Lysine routinely to our cats, as there’s reasonable evidence that L-Lysine is an antiviral.

    Boy, do I know the feeling of never-ending pilling. Luckily, our cats are co-operative – and I guess even more luckily, their pills are keeping chronic problems pretty well in check.

  6. Rick, as it happens, Buddy loves the fillet ones too! And that video was hysterical.

    Harry, thank you, that is one of the probiotic products I’m considering. Its good to have a recommendation.

    Cara!! Finney needs to have that done regularly! I had the vet show me how to do it and ended up saying, “Nevermind. I can’t do that,” so KUDOS to you for doing it. I’m impressed.

    Patricia, Karen, Melissa, Heidi, everyone, thank you for making me not feel like a crazy person. I feel much calmer today.

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