Further Proof that I’m Gypped

February 21st, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

Barbara sent these pictures of visitors to her deck. I’m more jealous about the possum. Very cute. Can they be domesticated? And get along with cats?



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  2. By david on Feb 21, 2010

    i don’t think that cats and possums would get along. when i lived in rural nj, the local possum tribe would go at it with the feral cats over the contents of my trash pails. talk about a symphony of screeching !!!

  3. By KayO on Feb 21, 2010

    Oh, but I have a possum living under my deck, and my cat has befriended it. We pulled into the driveway one night and my headlights lit up the cat and possum, curled up together under the pickup truck. They both stood up slowly and yawned, and the possum plodded reluctantly away. This is why I don’t have a cat door.

    BTW, they are not really very cute. Your friend must be an amazing photographer to catch the one camera angle and the right age of possum.

  4. By Rick Morin on Feb 22, 2010

    That’s about the most flattering photo of a possum – he looks like he has been groomed. Most look greasy and have a sick grin when viewed from the side. (Southerners call them “grinners”.)They are not the smartest creatures. I’ve nearly stepped on one when going out on my porch at night…

  5. By Stacy Horn on Feb 22, 2010

    You guys are just saying that in order to keep the possums all to yourselves!

  6. By Lisa G. from Canada on Feb 22, 2010

    The best baby possum pic has to be here:


    with their plastic ears and a towel of their own. Very very cute.

  7. By Stacy Horn on Feb 24, 2010

    OH. MY. GOD. That is the cutest picture EVER. They look like baby monsters.

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