Hello Weekend!

So far the Census Bureau has been sending me from one senior center to another, and the seniors for the most part don’t need any help. The most questions I’ve gotten was when I was positioned in the lobby of one place that held a senior center but also had other things on different floors, like a nursery school, and I got questions from people passing by.

Today I’m at St. Veronica’s from 12 -5. I’ve never been inside there so that should be interesting. Except it won’t be in the church itself, of course, which is too bad. That would be the prettiest part.

This is yet another shot from my Bronx excursion. I’m looking down onto a dock that has seen better days. I love staring into water. I’m hypnotized. I love staring into rivers the best. And ponds.

What is the best? Oceans? Rivers? Puddles?


My “To-Buy Someday” List

This is the list I mentioned yesterday, of the things I’m going to do and buy when I have money again someday!

– New sneakers (in a pretty color!).

– All the itunes songs I want (that’s a separate two page list).

– New Airport router (the old one is so sloooooow).

– Take up the coat I inherited and make it a jacket.

– New winter hat (I’ve got one all picked out).

– Speakers for the tv (this should be at the top of the list, I long for really great sound for my tv).

– A kayak trip on the Shenandoah River (this is going to be a tricky one because I also have to find people to go with me).

– Repaint apartment (yes, I know the landlord is supposed to do this, but if I do it through him he will hire guys that will do a bad job and they’ll use cheap white paint only).

– Mobile file cart (for all the piles of files on my desk).

– Remede Sweep.

Don’t cry for me, not that anyone is, because I’m not starving or anything and I have a very nice life! Like a lot of other people I’m just at a period where I must be frugal. But I’m fine, really!!

This picture is from my recent Bronx haunted house expedition. I took this walking back to the subway stop that would take me home.


I want this top AND this necklace. Please. Did I mention I’ve started making a list of things that I want to buy when I have a reasonably decent amount of money some day? The weird thing, when I add something to the list, I no longer feel bad about not having whatever it is. It’s like, now that it’s on a list I don’t have to think about it anymore, and maybe some day I will have it.


I’ve got more shifts!

I’m now working every day except Sunday! It was fun, and not hard, and people were nice to me. Many were brusque, and ignored me, but I ignore people like me too, so I didn’t take that personally.

I was supposed to have a banner, but it was missing from my set-up, so I made a little sign, which looks pretty sad in this picture. It worked better in reality. And I just kept smiling and saying, “Hi! I’m here to answer your questions about the 2010 Census! Did you get your form,” etc. I actually helped a bunch of people fill theirs out, answered questions and felt generally useful.

I’ve been assigned to three locations. Today was Greenwich House on Barrow Street, next up is Our Lady of Pompeii on Carmine, and 149 Christopher … what’s that? Ah, another church, St. Veronica’s. They’ve got me bouncing around between these three for the next month!

Please note the forms on the desk. Those are the ones I have to fill out for every person helped. Most asked question: I couldn’t find a place to sign the form. Did I miss it, is there a place to sign the form? Answer: no.