Hello Weekend!

So far the Census Bureau has been sending me from one senior center to another, and the seniors for the most part don’t need any help. The most questions I’ve gotten was when I was positioned in the lobby of one place that held a senior center but also had other things on different floors, like a nursery school, and I got questions from people passing by.

Today I’m at St. Veronica’s from 12 -5. I’ve never been inside there so that should be interesting. Except it won’t be in the church itself, of course, which is too bad. That would be the prettiest part.

This is yet another shot from my Bronx excursion. I’m looking down onto a dock that has seen better days. I love staring into water. I’m hypnotized. I love staring into rivers the best. And ponds.

What is the best? Oceans? Rivers? Puddles?


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I've written six non-fiction books, the most recent is Damnation Island: Poor, Sick, Mad, and Criminal in 19th-Century New York.

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5 thoughts on “Hello Weekend!

  1. I like rivers best, but I might change my mind if I could spend more time around the ocean.

    I live across from a river..I can look out and see it from my window. My house is pretty far from the city, so at night the sky is filled with stars. You’re on track with your dream of living by a river under a sea of stars – I highly recommend it!

  2. We have cricks (creeks, lol) here in the South, and there is something hypnotic about watching the water flowing by. Had a great creek that bordered the farm where my late husband and I lived, miss that a lot.

    I like your dream house/dream location too, sounds peaceful and ideal for daydreaming which can translate into writing.

  3. interesting question. I favor rivers. They seem to be more mysterious and to scale. I can relate to their constant fluidity and esp. like to be near their eddys. The Kishwaukee River near where I live in Rockford,Illinois has been a great constant in my life and a renewing agent. Oceans on the other hand tend to drain me. I can only take them in small doses. They do remind me of how small me and my problems are. I get an experience of infinity and power when I have spent the afternoon and evening at Sonoma Coast State Beach near Bodega Bay,Ca.

  4. Lakes that are the result of dams are artificial and fake, pitiful things, owing their existence to the strangulation of wild rivers with dams. When I see them, I hear the gasps of the river struggling to be free. On the other hand, natural still waters like kettle ponds carved out of the landscape by Pleistocene glaciers, have their own special qualities. I also love the true bogs, their morning fog & mystery and their very unique ecosystems. I am most at home in a salt marsh – I need to breathe the hydrogen sulfide as much as air.

    This photo is interesting because it shows the inner structure of this serious dock. I’m guessing it was a commercial dock on a large river – possibly a tugboat docking area.

  5. Rick is now our official expert with all things having to do with water.
    That was a beautiful, poetic post.

    And yeah, for a long time NYC was an important commercial port. That dock was in the Harlem River, which I believe was an active shipping port along with the rest of the rivers ringing Manhattan.

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