I want this top AND this necklace. Please. Did I mention I’ve started making a list of things that I want to buy when I have a reasonably decent amount of money some day? The weird thing, when I add something to the list, I no longer feel bad about not having whatever it is. It’s like, now that it’s on a list I don’t have to think about it anymore, and maybe some day I will have it.


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3 thoughts on “Want!

  1. I do a similar thing. Not with dream items, but with things I want that are both beyond my means but are somewhat reasonable and somewhat necessary. Like new sheets. I’ll make a list at the beginning of the month, and say if I still want it at the end of the month I can buy it. Often, but the end of the month it doesn’t seem worth it. Or, if I don’t have the money, I move it to the next month’s list. I haven’t done this in a while, but it makes me feel less overwhelmed with feeling that I want and “need” so much. Making a list kind of simplifies and concretizes what can feel like unlimited desire, and make it more manageable.

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