Help My New Census Friends, Please

Please, please help Travis O’Neill, one of my new Census friends. He and his friend Jason Berry made a film called Jerry and Damon.

Please go here, watch the film and click “like.” It will help them get their film into a film festival. UPDATE: That link is gone now, but there’s an IMDB entry about the film here.

I also love the sound track. My immediate favorite is a beautiful song called Pass the Time by Ivry, which you can listen to here.

Thank you for helping!

Two Days Off!!

Happy, happy, happy. I’m drinking my coffee, about to write. I’m just luxuriating in the fact that I don’t have to rush off anywhere. It’s such a great feeling that I never truly appreciated. When this Census job is over I will never take my life for granted again. (That’s if I’m lucky enough to go back to it, I should say.)

I took this picture walking home the other day. In NYC people are frequently waiting on lines for something, for parties, free stuff, to audition for a part in a movie or tv show. My curiosity used to be so great I had to ask people what they were waiting in line for. Now I only do it if the line is spectacular, and I’m on the same side of the street.


More Notes on the Closing Wall

These notes on the wall at the recently closed St. Vincent’s Hospital are so sad! This is an “end of an era” thing, and it’s all kinds of sad.

History is turning a page. Every one of these page turns is like saying goodbye to an old friend. I have to say, it’s also sad because it feels like we’re one page closer to when the page is turned on me.

But it’s been that kind of week for me. Red Burns, the chair of the Interactive Communications Program at NYU (where I went to grad school) just announced that she is stepping down and Dan O’Sullivan is the new chair. I adore Red Burns. I want her to be running ITP forever. (Dan is a great guy though, and the perfect choice.)

I think for that reason I was drawn to read what people are saying on the wall at St. Vincent’s. I don’t like goodbyes. I want to see how other people handle them.


This one reminded me of the signs all around the hospital after 9/11. Just seeing the picture of someone there, it was like the pictures of the missing. Thankfully, this one is just the opposite.





Yesterday I noticed that a wall had come up over the entrance to the emergency room at St. Vincent’s. Later I saw that people have started writing on it …


People who worked there, or were patients there have started signing the wall. I remembered that this hospital had a floor for people with AIDS, before anyone knew what it was. Although there were problems at first (some staff members reluctant to treat them) it became a place of compassion. I’m sure there were many other great things were done here over its long history.


Those Poor People

I was passing by the building where Carrie lived in Sex and the City and they were doing a photo shoot (not with anyone from the movie as far as I could tell). Someone watching said the woman who owns that building hates all the fans and everything to do with the show with a white hot passion. I don’t know how true that is. I’m sure she’s paid for this and when her building was used for the show (and movies). But I can certainly understand how after all these years she (and all her neighbors) have had enough. People still come to this block every day and take pictures even though she’s put up a chain blocking the stoop.

But personally I cannot wait to see the next movie!!