It’s like they’re all mine. Notice the third from the left one doing the pink flamingo thing. So, I’ve got two days off in front of me. Which I’ll be using to work, as per usual. I cannot wait to use a couple of days off as actual days off.

I was sad about Mitch Miller. I remember watching him as a child, and whenever I hear that men’s chorus sound, singing those kinds of songs, I feel happy. By the way, I read his Times obituary, and he was extraordinarily accomplished. I had no idea. The man had an amazing musical career. Also, he lived in New York and I felt that missed-interview-opportunity regret.

Periodically I try to think of who is still around that I should interview while there’s still time. I’ve never once successfully thought of someone. It always ends up being like this, the person dies and then I’m kicking myself.


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One thought on “Pigeons

  1. I saw him walking across 7th Ave, near Carnegie Hall about 20 plus years ago. He was hobbling along with aluminum crutches even then. I gave him a big “Hi, Mitch!”, and he gave me a big friendly “Hi!” back. Seemed like a genuinely nice man.

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