There were a lot of leaves on the ground yesterday. By the time time I thought to take a picture of it most homeowners and their maintenance people had cleaned them all up. It was really windy – I wish I had gotten a picture of them swirling around, and why I am only thinking of doing that just now?

Some friends are getting married tomorrow! They met where I met them, at St. Paul’s Chapel, during the recovery for 9/11. Jimmy was working on the site and Cori worked at the Chapel (like me). I have nothing to wear. OF COURSE.


Fall is Almost Over

I’m tired. Busy day. I will post in the morning. I took this walking home tonight from working at the Grace Church Archives. The city is just so pretty at night. In the fall. Always, really.



I didn’t take any pictures yesterday, and I have a cat on me, which means limited photo-taking ability. What do I do??

Take pictures of the cat on me checking out the cat not currently on me.

So? What is up for freaking out about today?

– Finding a job?
– Health insurance?
– Writing enough each day to finish the book?
– The cat’s vet bills?
– Apple not calling back to finish fixing my computer?

Actually, Finney just jumped to the top of the armoire which means the meds for his arthritis are working, so yay! And I can move again! I’m free!


Ohmygod, the dentist didn’t suck as bad!!

The universe threw me a bone!! Only a few traumatic moments, and I was done in half the time and now I’m home where I will take it easy for the rest of the night.

My prayers go out to Shanghai and the victims of that terrible fire and also to their families and friends.

(I took this picture walking home on Bleecker Street. Okay, it was another night, not tonight, but it looks mostly the same.)


I’m so stressed out my head might explode.

Yesterday was supposed to be such a nice day. Then my computer wouldn’t come back from installing updates and the whole rest of the day right up until an 8pm radio interview I had scheduled was spent in recovery mode.

Then, during the interview my brain refused to wrap itself around the word “electro-magnetism.” I couldn’t pronounce it! For the love of Christ. I had to go with, “you know the word I mean.”

So no work done yesterday, no play. I’m trying to recover some piece of mind today. But the computer is still a little weird, the chapter I’m working on is hard, money is still an issue, how am I going to research and write, AND make a living, AND run Echo (okay, that doesn’t take a lot of time) and and and and and … deep breath.

The capper for my day is a dentist appointment tonight at 6 for the final round of planing and scaling. I will cry. My poor student dentist will curse her luck at getting me.

Buddy the chemo-cat has no problem chilling out. Thank God the cats are stable.