My apartment is officially clean. Really freaking clean. So today is my day off. I might go to a movie, take a long walk down the river. I don’t know. Maybe both? Oh! I should go to the Fricke (a museum) because it’s free from 11 – 1 on Sundays, then walk home.

I took this last night at the birthday party for my friend Rebecca. That’s Rebecca on the left.


Holiday Cleaning Day 3

I am exhausted! Christ! I think I got old in one year. All this cleaning is killing me, and I even did a “pre-cleaning,” in that I did some of the harder jobs in the days leading up to my Holiday Cleaning. (Yes, I am insane.)

I am now on Day 3. I always save the easy jobs for last, like going through my clothes and getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit, ironing, desk organizing.

I tried to figure out what I could take a picture of that would convey the cleanliness of my apartment and settled on this. It shows my new, sparkling shower curtain, and the new bath mat.

Usually the very last thing I do is put up holiday decorations, but I don’t want to. That concerns me. It sounds like a depressed person thing, not putting up holiday decorations. But I don’t feel particularly depressed. Maybe I need to embrace change. Maybe I have become to sort of person who doesn’t put up holiday decorations. (Scrooge.) I wouldn’t mind a nice wreath though.

And I wouldn’t mind having a tree! Except for the part when the cats climb it, break all the ornaments, get tangled in the lights, bringing the tree crashing down and getting electrocuted in the process.

My Sweet Baby Book Eater

This is how Buddy gets me up in the morning. He starts eating a book or a magazine and I instantly jump up and feed him. They’ve trained me better than I’ve trained them.

Holiday cleaning begins tomorrow! After a morning interview with the current organist and choir master of Grace Church.


New Aly Sujo Pic

Thank you, Pier Tanguy, who sent me a link to some Leisure Unit pictures, which included this great shot of Aly Sujo. I’m waiting to hear where this was taken and when.

I remember dying of envy and admiration watching Aly switch from playing the guitar to the violin. I wanted to be able to do that. (Aly is a friend of mine who died a year or so ago. It seems like yesterday, may have been longer than a year or so.)


That Moment of Peace

The cats are fed, litterbox cleaned, and I’m sitting here with my coffee, with Finney purring on my lap and Buddy curled up nearby on the couch. I’ll get to work soon but I always begin my morning slowly, with a little bit of goofing off and puttering. It’s lovely. Then I start hating myself for not working more. I’ll argue with myself for a little while about my hateful-level. “You’re not so bad.” “Are too.” Reasons will be listed, counter-arguments made. Then I get to work.

I took this picture of a basement/below street level store window the other night on West 4th Street. It’s probably a nice normal children’s clothing store, but it looked a little creepy at night.