Hide me!

Christ, a nuclear plant building exploded in Japan, Qaddafi seems to be gaining ground—I’m sorry all who are suffering and in trouble today. My problems seem so petty.

I didn’t turn around to see what they were all looking up at. Because I was afraid it might be a giant tarantula.


Stacy Horn

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6 thoughts on “Hide me!

  1. Yes, despite everything – earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand, union busting in Wisconsin, civil wars in the Mideast – we Americans are still blessed.

    I like to think of the simple things: the cats, my small garden, spring is almost here, my great little camera. It’s all good.

    Godzilla, maybe? I wish you had looked.

  2. Without looking I’m guessing they were all on camera, and there was a big screen projecting them. Because they were all waving. Except maybe Godzilla is friendly.

  3. That’s exactly right. There was a big screen across the street. They were selling something, because every few seconds some pretty girl would pop up in the foreground and wave a pretend Polaroid snap of the scene.
    I was just there last night. Couldn’t resist trying to find myself in the view. 40 years in this city, and I’m still a tourist.

  4. Stacy, do you have any idea about what has happened to Sayaka and Nakai? You’ll recall that she was translating your book into Japanese. She lives in Tokyo and family and cats and used to post on your blog from time to time. I exchanged a few emails with her, and I am naturally concerned about her safety and the safety of her family.

  5. P.S. I mistyped Sayaka Nakai. I sure hope she’s OK. You know, she has some kids, I think daughters. the last time I exchanged an email with her, she was up to her ears in translating your book.

  6. Sayaka and her family and cats are fine! I emailed her hours after it happened and she answered me quickly! So she even has electricity. I haven’t heard again, which concerns me, only in that maybe she lost a friend or associate, or got bad news of another sort. But you are so nice to think of her.

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